As she gain consciousness she could hear different voices calling to her. 'Her...? Who is she?' she wondered. She was extremely confuse but somehow this confusion of hers, triggered a memory that was buried deep inside her soul.

She's Iris, a famous painter in her last life. She was hailed by countless people due to her once in a century talent in painting.

She blinked her bleary eyes, until the blinding light subsided. She immediately saw a face of a middle aged woman, and four mens wearing metal armours while looking down on her. Her heartbeat spike in fear, she doesn't know them. Although her instincts told her that they won't hurt her, but she have to be cautious since she doesn't fully know well how this place works out.

From what she remembered in the books she read, most of the people with evil intentions have a very gentle face and aura so they could easily lure their victim. And this people in front of her might be one of them! She have to run!

"Thanks god you're safe young lady!" The woman told her worry and anxiety then reached her hands towards her, with quick reflexes she immediately avoided it and scrambled to run!

"Young lady!!" All of them shouted in unison, horrified, however Iris did not bothered to look back but instead she run even faster.

"What happened to Lady Henrietta?!"

"I'm not sure! But we have to catch up with her!"

"Let's go!"

The four knights, quickly followed her, unfortunately for them many coaches were passing by on the street in high speeds, so they were having a hard time passing through.

Meanwhile on Iris side, she was running to the outskirts of the city. It was snowing, and her body felt very cold despite wearing thick winter dress and furry cloak. After some time of running, she finally arrived on a desolate place blanketed with knee deep white snow.

Dizziness and intense headache struck her like a lightning, she immediately kneel on the ground and clutched her head in pain. In that moment, different kinds of memories flash into her mind like film strip of an old movie.

This memories are not from her, but to the young lady named Henrietta Iris Von Silvana who came from a Ducal Family of Vera Kingdom. Originally, in this time of month she should be at the Arcane Academy. However because she assaulted the Prince Augustine's lover, at the Academy's winter ball due to jealousy, and made the prince angry enough to expelled her from the academy.

The shame she created to their noble house left her parents, with no choice but to sent her to the boarding school called La Magia of the north. Henrietta was mad by the decision by her family, but she was even madder to the prince who once promised that he would only love and marry her.

She was hurt and depressed by the sudden turn of her life, she couldn't accept the reality! She couldn't accept how he abandoned her just for the Count's illegitimate daughter! And because of that she decided to commit a suicide, but somehow fainted halfway.

Now after Henrietta was unconscious, the soul of Iris transmigrated to her body to continue it's life. Iris was stunned by the knowledge that this kind of supernatural thing happened to her, and was even more horrified when she recalled the name she's using, it was from the villainess in the trashy novel she read in her last life.

Henrietta, the extremely wicked and ruthless antagonist besides the Demon Lord. Henrietta gone twisted when the prince left her, and to avenge herself she uses the forbidden magic to curse the royal family.

Iris was extremely confuse... Did she just turn into a character!? An evil at that! How ironic can it be, she just wanted to live a lazy peaceful life but now... it's over!

Iris was snapped back in her trance when she heard a painful groan not far from her, painful her head as it was she forced herself to look for the source of the cry. She dragged herself to the steep, and finally she found a boy about fourteen years old lying on the ground. His clothes were blooming in red, and a deep gash of wound can be seen on his forehead. And from the looks of it, he was dying.

Temporarily she forgotten her headache and rushed out to save him. The steep was rigid and dangerous, it was comparable to a cliff any mistake on the footing, would result on severe injuries or even death. However despite knowing the danger she would somehow face, she still go to his side and try to help him in any way possible. She couldn't bare the conscience, if he somehow died because she lend a help.

When she arrived at his side, Iris immediately think any first aid techniques she knew of or anything she could use to somehow stop the bleeding.

Healing... Healing? She do have a healing spell! Since Henrietta is a mage apprentice with high affinity in water element, she learn a basic healing spell. Although she was highly skilled in this element, water magic was considered as trashy magic in all basic elements. However Iris could careless with that problem right now, as long as she knew she could use healing spells she's okay with it.

"Aqua heal!" She chanted and a large mana drained out her body. Three seconds pass, a small ball of red water floated in front of her, meanwhile she could feel her headache intensified and a lone tear streak on pale cheek.

Now the problem of this kind of healing spell is must be intaken, unlike the light elemental spell that could be granted to someone with a wave. Furthermore the effect of this is also inferior, and can only stop the bleeding if the wound is big and not completely close it.

She weakly reached his mouth, and open his mouth. Yet his jaw was frozen stiff and won't bulge, she was unable to deliver the healing water to him. Iris was at lost on what to do.

Should she delivered the cure through mouth to mouth, just like how the books instruct someone on saving a person? If that's the case, would she lose her first kiss to a stranger? Bah! Whatever, being sentimental to first kiss is just for romantic people and as for her, she is a realist. Saving someone's life was more important than saving your kiss to your true love. Furthermore his someone with devilishly handsome face, and in fact losing her first kiss to him is not that bad. Ha-ha!

Iris finally decided and resolutely drink the ball of water to her mouth without hesitation. Actually she was particularly nervous, since both of her past and present lives she didn't kiss anyone. And she suddenly thought; would she get pregnant if she kiss him?

She shook her head at the silly thought before closing her face towards him. Inch by inch, she could hear her heart thumped louder and louder inside her chest, while her throat was drying despite having a stored water on her mouth, she also felt itchy and hot in unknown reason. She was weirded out by this unknown feeling, and she couldn't describe in all the words she knew!

'Am I really going to get pregnant with this? Should I make him responsible if I somehow get pregnant? Is the knowledge I gathered for many years in sexual reproduction are all waste? Or, should I do an experimentation in sexual reproduction first?'

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Her face was as close in a mere 5 centimeters, she could see how smooth and unblemished his skin was. Her face is heating up while her pulse raise in unprecedented level, she almost believe that she'll going to have asphyxia soon! She close her eyes, and angled her face to his slowly their lips. It was warm, smooth and addicting, she found herself lost by this pleasurable sensation that reaches her soul. She released the water into his mouth, before she clumsily sucked his lower lip in eagerness before withdrawing.

Momentarily she was in dazed, she wanted more. She wanted kiss him again, testing if the intoxicating feeling is still there. Unfortunately, her sight starts switching into black and white. The surrounding becomes blurry and dark, the strength in her body was leaving at visible rate, and she helplessly slumped down to his chest like a deflated balloon. Somehow she could faintly hear a familiar calls, and heavy footsteps rushing on her direction.

It was from the four men before, actually it was from her loyal knights namely Ariel, Duncan, Landon and Isaac who protect her since she was young.

"My lady!" Another voice from a woman who hugged her into its bossom. It was her nanny and personal maid servant Aida. "My lady, what happened to you!?" Her voice is hysterical and full of panic. Iris could feel that, Aida was truly worried about her unlike she was thinking of earlier.

"Ai...da, s-save him..." Iris was stuttering while saying those words before the darkness swarmed in her vision like a cat who was put inside a box. The cat who couldn't understand whether she was in reality or in dream, but she only aware that she's conciousness is in this endless darkness.

Iris was jolted awake in her deep slumber, the room was filled with darkness surprisingly it was already late afternoon. She don't know how long she was unconscious but she was sure it was no more than a day.

The room she was in, was Henrietta's room on the Duke's mansion in the capital. And from the looks of it, there journey to the north was delayed by this whole rendezvous.

According to the plot of the novel 'Secret Charmer', she was currently at the half of the story. Where the life of once glorified noble young lady went downhill, first she turn into disabled person after attempting a suicide(didn't happen since Iris transmigrated just in time), and use dark magic to become powerful enough to kill the protagonist. However now that she's here in this world, she'll not let herself be slave of the plot instead manipulate it according to her wishes.

But her main concern right now is the demon lord, Henrietta's pet she brought from slave market in the original. The demon lord who developed twisted feelings toward Henrietta, after the series of torture he'd gone through under her cruel hands. Iris was at lost on how she'll going to solve this problem, first and foremost if she didn't buy him now he might fall into the wrong people and when they realize that he was the demon lord... she didn't know what will happen after that.

And second, the crime of buying a slave on this kingdom is comparable in commiting a murder. She might get in prison for five years if she was caught which is really heavy on someone like her. Iris don't know what to choose, she couldn't tell which is right or wrong. This might be the first time she was stumped on a problem, if this was mathematical equation she could easily solve it. Yet now...

"Young lady?" The familiar voice of Aida echoed through her ears. "You're awake?"

Iris nodded as a reply and asked the condition of the boy she save earlier, however the words left on her mouth leave her astounded.

"Where's the bastard, is he dead?"

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