The Villainess Tales Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Villainess Tales


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|Be careful what you wish for| What will you do if you suddenly awaken in a different body? In a different world, where your only fate is death? Natalie is devastated by the tragic death of her favourite character, Hina Kudo- the villainess of a popular online novel. While she grieves over the character's death, something unusual happens to Natalie as she suddenly wakes up and finds herself in Hina Kudo's body. At this point, she is faced with the dangers and tragedies of being a villainess as she must make choices to ensure her survival in this dangerous new world. Will she be able to get rid of the "Villainess" tag? Will her choices lead to a happy destiny or something worse? Also, can she truly escape her predetermined fate? *note- I take no credit for the cover photo*


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