The Villainess Fell In LoveThe Villainess Fell In Love

The Villainess Fell In Love

by alixlia

4.6(78 ratings)

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A second chance to pursue the man who truly loved and cherished her. This time, it won't be too late. • • • | • • • The hatred is mutual. Li Wei loathes Khan Bojing and he despises her. There's no way on earth or heaven would they willingly come together... Until pain ensues a passionate night between them and their fates are forever sealed. Still, describing their marriage as loveless is not far-fetched. That is, until time turns back. A new beginning starts now, here in this moment. Anything from this point on is possible. Including a love story between the villainess and the second male lead. • • • | • • • All credits of cover artwork goes to the original artist. #fantasy #rebirth #villainess #secondmalelead #magic #romance #somemature/smut #someviolence #definitelyfluffy

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