1 Chapter 1

"Aaaarrgghh I died again"

"You having fun back there, Roxy?" James asked looking into the rear view mirror at me laying in the back seat of the rent-a-car.

"No, I'm not. I almost completed this stupid fucking game. I just need to defeat this dragon to get the last item then I'd have beaten it 100.5%. It's flipping difficult, I barely like the game as is." I grumbled putting down my nintendo switch.

"Hahaha, what game are you playing now? You were really into it on the flight here. Kept you entertained for the whole 9 hours!" He laughs while driving us to our hotel.

"I really don't even want to mention it. It's another otome game but i have no idea why it's so popular. Literally all the male leads are genuine trash. If I had complete control I'd have left all their sorry asses alone...or better yet beat all of them to a pulp then leave them!" I laughed evilly thinking about landing a punch in the first Prince's nose.

"Oh well. Once you finish that one you can just add it to the collection." James is referring to my private room back at home. It's bursting full of my 1000+ item collection full of games, manga and anime. It's almost cringe worthy and I'm the one who made it that way. It's my personal secret. I-I-I'm not ashamed or anything. It's just who would believe the 3 time world women's UFC champ was such a weeb... And that's me calling myself a weeb. How bad do you think i'd have to be for me to admit that to myself.

"James, how long till we get to the hotel?" I ask as I sit up and roll down my window to take in the wonderful tokyo crisp night air.

"Not long, but I'm trying to drive carefully. There's been an increase in traffic accidents here. It's like people are just car magnets. Like there's someone in heaven just dragging people to other worlds like in your otome games" James snorts.

"That would be a nice spin on all the death actually. It really would suck if I died before I even got to compete and grab my fourth championship title", I said while grabbing the lotion from my bag in the passenger seat.

"Will you sit back and put your seat belt on! Did you not hear what I just said?!"

"Oh, we'll be fine.." I said as I leaned over the seat to dig deeper into the bag. As I find what I'm looking for, I look over at James' handsome baby face. His brown skin tanned nicely thanks to his Latino roots and from going jogging with me as my coach. His long eyelashes, beautiful hazel brown eyes and button nose. Dark hair combed back like his favorite soccer player Hector Moreno. {He hasn't changed a bit in the 20 years I've known him, still as handsome as ever}. As I'm about to sit back I see the headlights of a big ass truck heading toward us as we were about to drive into the intersection. "Oh shit..". Those were the last words out of my mouth as we're T-boned and everything goes dark.


I am not looking at my own body… This is too weird, what's this some kind of astral projection. I thought this only happens in weird movies. But wow... this is how everyone else sees me, I mean not all crumpled and broken but I can still see my usual beauty underneath all the blood and stuff. My 5'11 body in the fetal position and my curly black hair braided in cornrows in preparation for the fight still looking neat as I lay there on the ground. My dark brown skin that resembles fresh brewed coffee marred with cuts.

I have no idea how im so calm right now. Like no flipping clue, I should be freaking out or be grossed out. React some kind of way, but I'm really just chill. Maybe it's a quirk of most likely being dead. I dunno.

It was then I noticed movement to the side. It was James. Oh i'm so glad he's okay. He doesn't seem to be too hurt or anything. His dark brown hair is all messy though. Shame. He took extra care to do it this morning. Three whole hours of work wasted.

"Roxy! Oh My God Roxy!? Are you here with me?" Screams James as he limps over to my body and caresses my face.

"Roxy baby. You gotta get up...please baby" he says through sobs. Sirens can be heard in the distance. I guess someone heard the crash and called for help. Good. James seems to have hurt his leg.

James made it over to me and collapsed over my limp body, Crying in full force. "Roxy... Roxy, I love you babe…. I love you so much. Don't leave me."

The ambulance has arrived. The medics pull James off me and tell him I was gone and at that point my surroundings all turn white.


"Damn. James liked me like that? I really liked him too. We could have been dating years ago. I never thought he liked me. Fuck. I guess it's too late now, I'm really dead."

I find myself in an all white space. Like that Sponge Bob episode when Squidward beaks that time machine and finds himself alone. An all white space with no walls or ceiling just white space seemingly stretched out into infinity. It has a distinguishable floor but it was also while and just added to make every direction you look seem vast and lonesome. Suddenly, -Hello James- came from everywhere and nowhere. Like from inside my head, from the space around me and from my very cells. It felt pleasant and unpleasant all at the same time. Before I could respond to say I wasn't James

-Oh you aren't James, are you Roxanne. Why are you here instead of James? -

A white androgynous figure of a person appeared before me. Too stunned to answer I just stared straight at the apparition.

-It seems by the time bus-chan got to you both. You ignored James' warning and while you were checking him out, huh. Bus-chan hit you and you blocked the piece of glass meant to kill James. Good job, you ruined my plan!- I think they're fucking pouting! How dare they! "Hold on you leave James the fuck alone. If you need a soul or whatever, use mine."

-But James is much cuter.-

At that my eye twitched, who the fuck does this ambiguous light fart think it is.

-HA! Light fart is funny. I created you, this , the world. I was just gonna send James on an adventure. Well I might as well send you instead. I mean you're already familiar. Okay whatever, have fun.-

The fuck are they talking about. "What the fuck are you talking about? All I know is you'd better leave James alone."

-He'll be fine, he'll just miss you a bunch and name one of his kids after you and have a boring long life. Psh ' 3 ' -

They are really fucking annoying. I can now see why the world turned out the way it did if THIS is what made it. I'm surprised I lived so long honestly.

-OKAY RUUUDE. Time for you to go. Off you go! Have fuuuun! -

And in between the mess of white where the face would be a smile appeared. Straight white teeth and deep black gums. They're lips pulled back abnormally so, revealing a creepy smile that made me shiver. That's the last thing I saw as everything went black.


"Wake up, you putrid bitch!" I heard as cold water splashed on my face and soaks through my thin cotton nightdress. "What the.." I managed to get out before a swift kick to my stomach renders me incapable of saying the rest. "Who told you you could talk back! I'll need to teach you manners early this morning." I look up from the cold dusty floor I was laying on to see someone wearing an old timey dress like a maid would wear in medieval Europe or something. I could just barely see what she looked like in the dim light of the room. She looked like she was about 40 with deep frown lines marking the area around her mouth. She had her hair pulled back in a military style bun at the nape of her neck which jest made her look like a prudish strict bitch.

I give her my meanest glare, the one I've perfected during my fights to give me more of an advantage over my opponent when they lose their nerve. The maid looking old woman looked startled.

"YOU! How dare you glare at me, I'll have to tell the madam to be stricter with you!" After she says that she leaves the room in a hurry.

This gives me time to look around. And then it hit me, around 6 years of memories entering my mind slowly starting from birth to now. Memories of Charlotte's loving mother and father with every moment, every hug, kiss, lesson that they ever gave her flooded Roxy's brain. The birth of her twin siblings Roxy could feel the joy, happiness, protectiveness and pure love Charlotte felt for her siblings. The horrendous pain of her parents passing in the carriage accident. And now the beginning of the abuse at her aunt and uncle's house as they took over the dukedom.

"Holy fuck. I'm in Yandere Love Lost AND I'M MOTHER FLIPPING VILLAINESS CHARLOTTE LYDELL. Fuck me. Oh fuck oh fuck. I hate literally EVERYONE HERE! I was just playing this in the car." I whisper screamed to myself in case that maid bitch was still out there.

"We'll at least I have beaten this one. I wonder if I still have all my items from the mini games" I murmured to myself.

-Yeah. You haven 'em. Just say or think Items. You also have Stats. -

"I'm not gonna thank you for that. This is a shit situation."

-I can take the ability back y'know.-

"No take backsies. Don't you dare you androgynous cancerous vape cloud…. Thank you, I guess."

-James would have been cuter.-

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"You've said that twice now. We had a deal. You leave him alone to live his life."

-Pfft. Whatever.I promised nothing and will promise nothing.-

{Asshole. He better not touch James or I swear I will find a way to even kill "god". I think I can sort of tell that they're not here anymore. Stupid shitty teeth cloud. But I might as well try it out. ITEMS.}

Looking through I still had my infinite health and Mana potions. My armor, thank the stars all armor is imbued so it automatically changes to fit the size of the user. All my SSS gear swords, crossbows, . {Sweet. I think I can take over the world with this. Not that I will….maybe. I'll think about it.}

Before I could check on my status I heard the footsteps of multiple people wearing high heels heading this way.

{Fuck. What am I going to do?}

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