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The Villainess's Mission


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"I will make him get me pregnant! I ... I swear that I will get his seeds!" exclaimed Daniella. ------------------------------------------------------------------- [SILVER TIER WINNER-BOOK OF WPC #153] In 1870, a secret agent named Rebekah Alison was assigned to kill the coldest man she ever met in her life: Andrew Lawrence, who was nicknamed The City Prince by the people of Nadem City, where he was born and lives. Andrew Lawrence is the heir to Lawrence Group, Billy Lawrence's company, the father of Andrew. He was idolized by all the girls in Nadem City. Handsome, rich, tall, charismatic, cold, all of these things are in Andrew, making him one of the most popular people in Nadem City. His reputation that used to be so good turn for the worse when his wife, Dorothea Brown, was murdered. Many people believe that Andrew is the muderer, and immediately The City Prince becomes someone most hated by the people of Nadem City. One day, someone used Rebekah's services and required her to kill Andrew. Rebekah accepted this mission and changed her identity to Daniella Miller to get close to Andrew, she was even required to be in a hidden marriage bond with Andrew on her mission, and as the first step, Rebekah works as a farmer on Billy Lawrence's farm. Will Rebekah succeed in carrying out all the tasks on her mission smoothly? But ... with her hate towards Andrew, what if Rebekah falls in love with him instead? Is that even possible? Can it be that her mission will be messed up? ------------------------------------------------------------------- "I ... I want to know, why did ... why did you choose me to be your partner at the party?" asked Daniella. After asking this, the girl looked away from Andrew's gaze because she couldn't make eye contact with him any longer because her heart started beating very fast again. Not only averted her gaze, but Daniella also averted her face slightly from Andrew because she realized that her face is flushed right now and she doesn't want Andrew to notice it too. 'Her question ... there's no way I can tell her that I chose her because I have no other choice,' thought Andrew who is still staring at Daniella. Daniella succeeded to control her feelings in a short time by simply turning her gaze away from Andrew and turning her face a little away from him, her face also returned to its normal color, as well as her heart which is also beating normally again. 'Sigh, he has a too strong charm, if only he doesn't have it maybe I could have said that more easily earlier. I hope I can hate him like most people in this city, I really hate to admire his charm,' thought Daniella, a moment after that the girl is freezing as the fingers of Andrew's right hand gently touched her jaw, Andrew then directed Daniella's face and gaze to facing him again very slowly and gently. "Look at me, I don't want any more misunderstandings between us because of things like this," said Andrew to Daniella after the completely frozen girl made eye contact with him again. "Y-yes, S-sir," said Daniella, she doesn't know what to feel now, the target of her murder is so successful in making her doubt the success of her mission. 'Oh my God ... his touch, his eyes, his lips, his nose, this man ... his charm ... is the real perfection,' the girl sinks in her mind. "I ... I chose you because you are beautiful, Miss Miller," answered Andrew. ------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: *MATURE content* The entire places setting in this story is fiction. The time setting is the year 1870 but overall the story has a picture of the mid-19th to early 20th century. The reference for most of the places setting in the story is the United States in the mid to late 19th century. Discord server: https://discord.gg/GCRQcKfR6R Follow me on Instagram: @sihansiregarsstories


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