1 A good servant

Cris could be said to be living a good lazy life.

Lazing all-day playing computer games and watching stuff. Piles of snacks in the corner to be eaten anytime. This was his life goal and he managed to achieve that at the age of 29.

If there was one thing he wasn't lazy about. He works hard to achieve his lazy lifestyle.

After finishing college, he quickly found a job. Using his savings after working for almost a decade, he bought a building and turned it into an apartment and become a landlord. Using that money he invested it on his friend's business and made it grow. After that, he bought another apartment then bought buildings one after another.

Then when the time came where his income was stable and enough to fund his lazy life, he bought all the necessities he needs for lazing around. Despite being single he was happy lazing around.

But all good things must come to an end. After continuously playing computer games for 100 hours, he died. He was found dead in his room. He had a stroke from all those nightless computer sessions.

Even so, he had no regrets...except for dying a virgin...and not being able to have his first kiss...

"Now, that's regretful! Haha," A man looking like a beggar laughed like there was no tomorrow.

Cris who was in front of him just wanted to find a hole and die in it. But unfortunately, he can't as he was already dead.

Where was he? Cris had no clue. All he could remember is that he was suffering from a headache then his vision blurred and after that, he passed out.

When he woke up there was this guy laughing as he was watching a movie on the television. Full of curiosity, Cris decided to find what was so funny about the movie.

But when he saw the "characters" in the movie he was shocked. There were his friends it and his family. Then he recognized the "scenes" happening were memories of his life. As Cris realized that what he was watching was his whole life, he was dumbfounded.

Cris asked what this was all about to the man. He simply replied, "Your dead and what we are watching is indeed your life!"

Cris didn't know how to react and just kept watching his life until the end. There were moments he regretted the things he has done and some stupid things he would still do so if given another chance.

But as "death" begun to sink in Cris' mind, he cried. Realizing that there was no other chance, he became scared of what was about to happen. Watching his life made him realize he wasn't that "good". he wasn't someone worthy of entering heaven. So he asked, "What's going to happen from now on?".

And the answer of the man was nothing like he expected. With a laughing face, the man said with enthusiasm, " You're gonna be reincarnated! Got any requests?"

All his fear disappeared and what replaced it was excitement and thrill.


Level: 1

Race: Slime(Spirit Animal)

Name: Cris

Skills: (Devour),

Description: A slime. The lowest of the low but for some reason, it was bestowed with a legendary skill!?

The world which Cris was reincarnated to was a world of magic and swords. A cliche fantasy world. When that mysterious man mentioned if he had any request, the first thought that came to his mind was, of course, a fantasy world.

Then when the man asked again if he had any, Cris requested a bunch of things shamelessly.

This is what he had requested.

Firstly, A game interface but the man said that in the world he was about to be reincarnated into already had one. So it was good!

Secondly, cheat power. That's where the skill (Devour) comes in. A skill that enables the user to devour it's prey and grants the ability to transform into it.

Thirdly, is the slime race. Cris wanted to lead a lazy life again. At first, a sloth would have been desirable but when he imagined the skill (Devour) he was reminded of Rimuru! That's why a slime. A slime could survive on anything, very suitable for someone who has no intention of finding a job.

That was the three request he had. Though he had a lot of requests, Iike being made into a god-like existence, his face wasn't thick enough to ask such a thing. He had to keep in mind not to piss off this mysterious man.

But it seems that there was more to the "package" he requested. He was actually a spirit animal of someone!

In this world, humans had these spirits sleeping inside their souls waiting to be awakened. Once awaked they would take in different forms. But one thing for sure is that their spirit animal would have the same characteristics as their person.

But Cris definitely had no similarities with this girl whatsoever. This girl was an evil spoiled brat!

When Cris first came into this world. What first greeted him was the face of the girl full of disgust. Then the first thing she did was kicking me off to the side acting all spoiled.

Cris had thought of leaving her but he was unable to because he was gonna die if he did.

(Quest!)(A Good Servant!)

Time limit: One month

Description: You are given a month to earn your master's acceptance.

Failure: Death

Requirements: The system will judge once completed.

"What the heck is this!" was Cris' first thought on this unimaginable request.