20 Melina

Estelle and Liandra separated from the other students after leaving the lecture hall. For them it was already the end of classes for he day. This meant that they could both have some free time. However, as they walked through the quiet hallways approaching the dormitory, Estelle quickly thrusted a hand over Liandra's shoulder, slamming it onto the wall behind Liandra.

"I didn't think you had the bravery to actually do that." Estelle glared at Liandra with a livid smile. Her peace and quiet for the night was now ruined. She had to accomodate two other people and spend unnecessary time trying to act friendly with Liandra.

"What's done is done. I don't thought you wouldn't mind since we're both friends with her now." Liandra answered nervously, trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible.

"We both know you did it in spite of me. Was it because I didn't give you enough attention? Or maybe because you're annoyed that you can't do whatever you want?" Estelle's eyebrows creased with anger.

"I just wanted you to pay attention to me."

"You want a lot of things." Estelle released Liandra, sighing briefly. She was annoyed that her authority was tested but she did not think that this would lead to too much of a problem considering it was only a small sleepover. However, Estelle was still concerned that Liandra would continue to push the boundaries and eventually no longer fear her older sister.

"I don't ask for much, elder sister."

Estelle did not answer. She instead continued to walk towards their dormitory. Her mind was filled with many thoughts, including the Liandra that she had originally read about. These two Liandra she knew were completely different. One was untamed and spoiled while the other was rebellious but respectful. For a moment she considered if her treatment of Liandra constituted a misdeed, but she did not think too hard on it.

"You ask for so many things each time we speak. One day you will ask for me to be nicer to you, the next you ask for my blessing to marry a stranger. Perhaps next time you will ask me do the deed with you. I can never be certain as you always want more." Estelle commented as she finally found herself in front of their dormitory.

"The deed?! I would never! Such a thing-" Liandra gasped in shock, jumping back.

"It was an example to illustrate my point." Estelle facepalmed.

"All you are saying is that I should stop asking too much. Does that mean I can just take what I want?"

"No. Now get in the room before I lock you out." Estelle swiftly unlocked the door and opened it, walking into the dormitory room without waiting for Liandra to react.

Liandra nodded in response and followed Estelle in. Although the they were not the best sisters, Liandra knew that Estelle's express commands were not to be questioned.

The two settled in the dormitory as the day progressed. Estelle was more or less focused on completing some studies early while Liandra did the same thing except at a slower pace. When the time for bathing came, Liandra and Estelle shared the same bathroom without a fuss. Estelle was the first person to leave though as she was the most efficient with her time. By the time they both finished showering, it was already time for dinner.

In the room, they had received a roasted poultry dish with vegetables to the side. It was a simple yet healthy dish which was prepared by the academy chefs. While no one found it to be a luxury, no one complained either. If it was the past Liandra, such ordinary cooking might have incurred a tantrum. But today's Liandra was much more accustomed to feeling great full for what she had.

"The two visitors should be arriving soon enough. Make sure to greet them and play with them. Make sure you don't offend other of them or do anything I definitely would not allow you to do." Estelle commanded as she forked the last portion of her meat.

"I promise I won't cause trouble… but what if they want me to do something you wouldn't allow and it would be rude to reject…? What do I do?" Liandra asked in response.

"Do what they want. It is imperative that you don't offend them." Estelle quickly answered, finishing her meal.

As she finished her meal, Estelle could hear a faint knocking on the door. Immediately she left the dining room and walked over. She knew that Jade was there with the latter's roommate. Seeing as the roommate was unknown, it would be best to carefully assess who they are before deciding on how to associate herself with them.

The door opened without so much as a creak as Estelle pulled the handle. There she was greeted by none other than Jade. However, beside her was an ginger haired girl taller than Estelle and Liandra, with sparkling sapphire eyes. Her face was paler than most but not to the point where it was unhealthy, and her body was well sculpted to form an hourglass shape. Much like Estelle and Liandra, this girl was a top tier beauty.

But that wasn't what Estelle was thinking about at that moment. Each detail about this girl seemed familiar, too familiar. There was a constantly innocent grin on her face as well as a natural aura that made her seem like an angel…

"Greetings, I am Melina Brookshire. It is a pleasure to meet you! My roommate here hasn't stopped talking about how excited she is for this sleepover." The words finally came out of the Ginger's mouth.

"What a fine name. I am Estelle Vermillion, I hope we can be great friends." Estelle immediately responded, more polite and warm than usual.

She did her best to conceal anything that might suggest she was anxious for Estelle knew the true identity of Melina. As soon as Melina spouted her name, Estelle feared for the worst.

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