1 Ch-1; I became hated by heavens

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" Is this the true face of the Heavenly Door Sect?, one of the seven Sacred Lands of the Qin Empire? You bully the weak to tie favors with the strong, and don't even feel ashamed for pushing Sect's Maiden into a pit of fire?! "

"From the beginning to the end, not once did you consider asking the Heavenly Door's Sacred Maiden for her opinion? Today, I will ask for justice on her behalf! "

"If remaining Silent in front of strength is what it means to be a disciple of the Heavenly Door Sect, then I don't want such a disgraceful Title!

"But please keep this in mind, Sect Master, that I, Lin Feng, will surely return today's debit in the near future!"

Numerous public stood inside a glorious hall and listened to the Loud and clear screams of a young disciple.

He was an average-looking youth with a slightly handsome face combined with an unyielding aura.

He clenched his fists and stood in the center of the hall and indignantly screamed towards a podium in front of him.

He was Lin Feng, an Inner Sect Disciple of the Heavenly Door Sect.

" Wh-WHAT AUDACITY?! How dare a mere ant dare confront the Sect Master? You must be looking for a long chat YAMA!"


" System, What will I obtain if I kill him? "

[ Ding! The host won't get a single penny even if you kill; son of heaven, I am a perverted* Ahem! Ahem! Primordial Cultured system, I will only grant the invincible ability for stealing the innocence of beautiful and influential maiden ]



This is my life now!

A few days ago, I mysteriously reincarnated into this world as a countryside bumpkin with no cultivation Talent.

At the very beginning, I was horrified as this world has powerful immortals that can destroy the moon with their mere breath.

But, when I heard those three magical words, I was somewhat relieved.

[ Ding! System activated ]

On the very first day when I awakened this system, I learned this system only gives Invincible ability for stealing the innocence of a maiden.

Obviously, I thought Heavens was mocking me for giving me such a delightful System but I got used to it.

I may be a Virgin but, I had learned sufficient about sex and females from Cultured_Daoist69. He is also my favorite Author.

With the blessing of my heroic Author, I somehow managed to seduce a countryside girl and lost my long-cherished purity.

My prayers were heard as she was also V thus, I managed to obtain my very first reward.

[ Ding! Congratulations Host for Stealing the purity of a maiden, you have obtained Peak level cultivation base ]

[ Please choose one of the following cultivation that you like to Max ]

- Mind

- Soul

- Body

- Sword

[ Ding! The Host has successfully Graduated from his bachelor life, The system has granted A powerful ancient tree, a powerful primordial egg ]

[ Ding! Daily log-in Day-1 gift bonus redeemed ]


After that Day, My life changed, I became overpowered overnight.


Back to the present-

This Lin Feng guy is a Chosen son of heaven in other words, he is the protagonist, and the Maiden he is talking about is the Saintess of the Heavenly Door Sect, Ling'r.

If I have to guess they were supposed be rule the world and marry each other but! Yesterday! I slept with her Thus, this guy is causing a scene here.

The situation goes like this:

That day, I chose to become a peak-level primordial sword emperor after choosing the Path of Sword.

I even obtained three powerful sword techniques.

While practicing Sword arts, I somewhat came across a Sect master and he Invited me to his sect.

And just yesterday, he sent his Daughter, the Saintess, Ling'r to my residence with a drink containing aphrodisiac.

And the rest is history.

Ufff! ( heavy breathing )

" Senior Bai Lung, If you are the son of one father, I wish to challenge to you life & a death battle, I, Lin Feng, will fight for her honor,"

Ooh! This guy wants to fight me?

Him? He doesn't even have enough strength to withstand my single attack.

It's quite a laughable matter but the protagonist of this world can't even handle a single strike from me.

Getting up from my seat, I looked at him and showed a small smile, " Hoho! Junior brother doesn't know how vast the sky is, let me show you the difference between heaven and earth,"

" Difference between heaven and earth? Bai Lung, Trash like you who uses forbidden medicine to sleep with women, by beheading you, I shall bring justice upon this La- "



Tick tick tick ( Rolling sound effect )

" Wh-What just happened? "

" Lin Feng is dead, I couldn't even see how was he beheaded "

" Ssh! This Bai Lung, how strong is he? Even though we call him senior, he looks like junior, "

" Envoy is a cultivation genius right? "

Seeing the rolling head of Lin Feng, the crowd of disciples and elders were in shock and disbelief.

One of the inner disciples died just like that, without even having the slightest resistance, how would they think of me?

[ Ding! The Host has killed the Chosen son of Heaven]

[ Ding! The heaven has cursed you ]

[ Ding! You have obtained the title " Villain " other chosen son of the heavens will automatically hate you for no reason]


Heavens has cursed me? Don't make me laugh, do they have the courage to fight me?

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