43 43 - Smoke and Shadow

As promised, Ren came back the day before Fang's school reopened. Fang had been up with the sun to wait for him. Ren arrived just in time for breakfast.

Fang stood by the door, holding the two little puppies in his arms. Ren was met with this cute sight as soon as he stepped out of the car. He stood in a daze for a moment, then whipped out his phone and clicked a picture.

"Welcome home," Fang greeted, smiling.

Ren walked to him and gave him a light hug and a kiss. Then he stroked the two pups soft heads with gentle fingers. The little ones looked up at him with amber-gold eyes which were remarkably similar to Ren's own.

"The left one is Smoke and the right one is Shadow. Smoke has a slightly darker wisp of fur on his forehead, just like rising smoke. Other than that, they're quite similar... except in temperament. Smoke is noisy, but Shadow is smarter and quiet," Fang told Ren.

"Hello, my little fur-babies," Ren said mildly.

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