41 41 - Separation

The remaining days of their vacation were the happiest days of Fang's life, he thought. He couldn't stop smiling and the softness in his purple eyes when he looked at Ren made everyone around them see pink hearts and bubbles floating everywhere.

And so, when it was time for time for them to return to Cosmopolis, Fang was shocked to learn that Ren and Pax were not going back with them. Ren had some meetings to attend in Ray Country, and then he would be flying to Star Continent for further business negotiations.

Ren rubbed Fang's head to comfort him. "You won't have any time to miss me," he told the younger man. "You're going to be in intensive training with Wolf, remember?"

Fang looked away. "I... I'll always miss you," he murmured.

Ren sighed. "My dearest Fang, you were really looking forward to this training, right?"

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