20 20 - Unsurpassed Brilliance

Ren called the principal soon enough. Besides hinting at the consequences of offending Fang, he also mentioned Fang's extraordinary aptitude and his intention to graduate next year.

The principal assured Ren that he would make all necessary arrangements for Fang immediately. True to his word, he gathered all the advanced class teachers and had them test Fang.

The results left all of them staring in shock.

"This..." the mathematics teacher murmured disbelievingly. "This boy could possibly achieve national rank one!"

The principal was very excited. "CEO Ren did say that Fang had a very high IQ and he hired some tutors recently to ensure he didn't fall behind in his schoolwork."

"If a few days of tutoring can bring him to this level, we can easily teach him to get the first rank in the country. He could even achieve a perfect score!" the biology teacher cried.

"Did CEO Ren mention why Fang wants to graduate early?" the history teacher asked.

The principal nodded. "He wants to study medicine."

"Then we need to help him prepare for the medical entrance exam as well. With his abilities, he may be able get into the medical school in Light City!" the chemistry teacher exclaimed.

"That's a good idea!" several teachers echoed.

"Excellent," the principal said. "We'll transfer him to the advanced class, then."

When the principal made the announcement in the next day's morning assembly, excited whispers immediately broke out among the students. The students who had visited Fang before were not too surprised; they had already noticed that was very smart. Some people were envious, but overall, Fang became more popular than ever when he was shifted to the advanced class.

Wade was green with jealousy. How could Fang's luck be so good? He, on the other hand, had been scolded by his parents last evening. His father had been furious to learn that Wade was still in touch with Fang, and had even threatened to lock him up if he ever tried to speak to or visit Ren again.

Wade was quite miserable. Without the shadow of his loving Big Brother, he realised for the first time how underachieving he himself was. Fang's extraordinary talent made him feel even worse. Slowly, he began to think over his past interactions between himself and Ren...and it began to sink in how spoilt and selfish he had been. He was beginning to regret his actions...was it too late now? Had Fang already substituted him in his Big Brother's heart?

Fang, on the other hand, bloomed like a beautiful flower under the care of his enthusiastic teachers. He was a quick learner to begin with, and now that the teachers had realised how much glory he could bring to the school, they put in humongous efforts to teach him.

For Fang's seventeenth birthday, Ren got him seventeen gifts and came up with a treasure hunt game.

Ren wheeled himself into Fang's bedroom in the morning with a tea tray and some sandwiches.

"Rise and shine, my dear birthday boy!" he called loudly.

Fang woke up with a smile. When he finished eating, he noticed a note under the plate.


I am the first, find me quickly

I rest where the birthday boy rests

Be fast, or I'll turn prickly

This is just the start of your tests!

Fang looked at Ren blankly.

"Your birthday gifts...it's a treasure hunt. You have to solve these puzzles and pick up the gifts... sequentially!" Ren's golden eyes glowed mischievously. "Isn't it fun?"

Fang was delighted, naturally. He quickly searched on his bed and found a large gift box. He opened it carefully to reveal brand new custom tailored designer suit.

"We'll have a party in the evening," Ren said. "So you'll need a new outfit. Now quickly, solve the second clue!"

Stuck on the gift box was another note.

Fang spent the entire morning solving the clues and discovering his gifts all over the estate. It was clear how much thought and effort Ren had put into planning all this for him...Fang was overwhelmed with emotion as he opened each gift carefully. They ranged from clothes and books and games to jewellery and gadgets to, lastly, 5% shares of Sirocco.

Fang clutched the share certificates tightly. "This is too much," he whispered.

Ren raised an eyebrow. "Why? Are you planning to ditch me?"

"No!" Fang cried.

"Then what's the problem? It's still in the family, isn't it?" Ren pointed out coolly.

Fang didn't have a response. Instead, he leaned in, kissed Ren thoroughly and declared that he was going to take a shower before lunch.

Ren stared after his boyfriend with a silly grin.

Lunch was personally cooked for Fang by Ren, and Fang thought it was the tastiest, most fulfilling meal he'd ever had. He felt he had never been so happy in his life.

In the evening, Ren threw a surprise party for him at a nearby restaurant, inviting all his class and teachers. In his new designer suit and improved physique, Fang looked so handsome that he made many young hearts flutter.

"Have you noticed what a devastating beauty you are?" Ren teased, whispering in Fang's ear. He could stand and walk a little these days, but still used his wheelchair when he went out. It was partly for convenience and partly because no one wanted him to put extra pressure on his legs.

Fang blushed, but his heart was happy. He had noticed the covetous glances sent Ren's way, but Ren hardly noticed, fixing his entire attention on his boyfriend.

Fang, whose birthday had never been celebrated before, could hardly believe it. At night, he sat at the edge of his bed, looking at the huge pile of gifts he'd received from everyone in the house as well as his classmates and teachers.

Then his eyes landed on the seventeen gifts from Ren that were carefully stacked on the table. He looked at them for a long, long time...and shed tears of joy for the first time in his short life.

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