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The Villain Ceased To Exist


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Lykus Ulfred, A mid-boss villain designed to be an obstacle for the protagonist in his initial rise to power at the start of the novel [The Last Of Legends.] His sole purpose in the story was to be a punching bag for the protagonist to practice his skills before he went out to take the final boss. An appetizer before the actual menu arrives! A goddam Exp farm for the protagonist! Lykus Ulfred didn't even last for the first three volumes of the novel. 'Why did I have to be transmigrated into the body of this trash, can't I be transmigrated into the body of some other mid-boss villain.' I wasn't upset about the fact that I was a villain. Rather than a hero, I would be a villain. Villains don't need to leave up to anyone's expectations and can do what they desire... At least to some extent. So that leaves the question why was I upset. I was upset because I got transmigrated as Lykus Ulfred. Lykus was nothing more than a bully. A human scum. He had nothing special about himself, neither did he possess skills, he can be proud of nor did he have the potential to be a leader of a clan. He didn't even possess an Awakened class that has practical use. All in all, he had nothing other than his background. Even when he died he was just a pitiful D rank. However, that would be the case if I was the former Lykus and not the current Lykus that is me- Xavier. A FREAKING MENTALIST!!! And as a mentalist, playing mind games and manipulating people is my forte. Now the point is, Can I SURVIVE with the help of my experience and a... SYSTEM?! .... My discord link, if anyone is interested in the character art or just wanna have a wholesome time on our server. https://discord.gg/gUu6xB7vyX


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