1 Chapter 1 - Ok

Just like how every other Isekai story starts...

I woke up as a grandma.

Just joking, I woke up as a baby duh. Am I shocked? A little, but I've read so much Isekai stories that I've been waiting for this moment my entire life.

This is my moment to shine. This is my moment to find my prince charming and discover what kinds of powers I have which I will use to fight against—

"Valentine. That's her name."

Kill me.

Valentine is the name of the villain in my favorite book called "Pretty Pokey Princess". Of all the characters I could have been reincarnated to why Valentine! Ugh! I don't have anything against her but I— ok I do fine.

She attempted to kill Princess Pokey! Ugh! That's like, so rude. She also tried to steal Princess Pokey's place in throne like any other villain, that's like so annoying.

Princess Pokey is obviously my favorite. She's a very independent girl and I'm totally a PokeyxNathan shipper. The second lead? ew. Often times I get second lead syndrome but Zeke is ewie. Usually second leads are the good boys but in this story Zeke is the bad boy.

Anyways... I still couldn't accept this. I guess I'll just stay away from Pokey so she can have a peaceful good life without a villain like me interrupting it.

I can't believe I'm having such a boring reincarnated life. tsk tsk.

A beautiful woman carries me from the soft crib I was comfortable lying on.... but then again everyone in this fantasy world are beautiful, sigh... never mind looking for prince charming when I grow up. I'll just look for charming, everyone's got abs in this universe anyway.

"Your majesty, it seems that your baby is suffering with a skin rash."

She said 'majesty'? I never knew Valentine has a royal blood.

"Call a doctor to get her treated. After that give her away."

You little giant of a useless father you are! Grrr! I was almost happy that I'm a royal blood. I won't let this happen! You can't give me away!

"WwaaaHhh!" That's all that came out from my mouth.

"Your majesty, it seems that the princess doesn't approve of that idea." The lady who was carrying me thankfully translated for him.

I noticed him walking closer near me. By that time I already stopped crying like a baby. Oh wait I am a baby. A baby that is about to be thrown away by her father.

He leaned to look at me just to say such hurtful words. "I'm abandoning you. So forget about me. From now on I'm not your father."

Curse you.

I know you're rich, therefore you have every resources to take care of me. Yet you choose to abandon me? I hate you.

I cried loudly as a baby that I am while the lady walks out of the place that seemed to be a palace.

Oh! I have an idea. I'll force myself back to him until he have no choice but to accept me. Being rich is one of my "reincarnation bucket-list". I couldn't let this life pass without achieving at least one goal you know?

In my past life, I died at the age of seventeen. I didn't accomplish anything but reading memes on instagram while laying on the coach twenty-four hours straight. I lived a very unhealthy boring life. The only thing that kept me from dying out of boredom is reading books which are mostly Isekai stories.

My Aunt wouldn't even let me get a part time job because I'm under eighteen. My Aunt is special to me because she's the one who raised me.

I don't know where my parents are and I don't wanna know. If I find out they died, I'll just get sad and pity myself. If I find out they just abandoned me I'll just keep resentments in my heart for a long time. So I'd rather not know.

But then my Aunt died and I don't want the mood to get gloomy so let's move on to this fantasy world. I don't want to remember that air-polluted dimension anymore.

We are now at a humble house. The lady probs live here...oh wait there's a dude, he probs live here.

"Doctor, please help the princess. She has rash all over her arms!" The lady says.

So then the doctor started checking my rashy arms and I bet the doctor was creeped out because I've been staring at him as he examines my arm. Can you imagine a baby staring at you intimidatingly? Now that I think of it, it's kinda cute.

"It's just a heat rash, it should go away soon." The doctor says.

"The majesty told me to give away the princess..." The lady tells the doctor sadly. "....Can we keep her?"

Woah, so the lady and the doctor are together!?

"Do really want that Lara?"

"Yes Elijah."

"Ok....From now on she's our daughter."

Aw man, I wanted to be a princess but ok.

~End of Chapter 1~

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