"Wait wait, why should we do that?" I asked her.

"Think about it. You're going to take the same course as me. We should live together because it's going to make it easier for us to work together. Besides, we'll probably go to the same university anyway, so we can go there together. Saves us a lot of work."

Hmm. She does have a point. 

"Well I dont see why not… but…" 

She frowned.


"Don't you have a home?"

"Oh, uhhhhhhhhh"

Hm, what's this now?

"I uh… ran away from home."

"You WHAT?"

"I ran away from home."


"My mom, after my father died, dated a different guy. He was abusive as fuck. Thinks he's the boss in my house. He'll always hit me for no reason at all. My mom wouldnt even defend me. As if she's completely under his control. So I took Martial arts lessons. I found a good teacher. I was even good at it. So when my mom's boyfriend tried to hit me a few days ago, I beat him to a pulp and he almost died. My mom warned me that she'll call the cops on me. So I took whatever I could with me and left. This outfit you see me wearing right now is the same as a few days ago before I met you."

"Then the androids?"

"I needed the parts to sell them and buy food."

"Well that explains."

Deep inside, I felt sorry for her. I might regret this later, but who cares.

"Well, maybe I have a few extra rooms…"

"Wait, you're going to take me in?"

"Yeah but first, you need to take your clothes and belongings from your home."

"And see that fucker again? Nah."

"But this time I'll go with you."

"Ohoo. Are you going to teach him a lesson? I bet he's alive and well fucking my mom right now."

"Bet. Now finish your food it's going to get cold."

"Yeah Yeah."


After getting out from the building, we took a bus and went to Bianca's house. It took us 20 minutes to arrive. 

When we stopped at the front gate of Bianca's house, I thought I'm standing infront of an abandoned church. Looking at it, it's the only house that looks abandoned. The others are well taken care of.

    Bianca and I entered, leaving Clara behind. We easily entered because the knob was… let's say it was taped to the door.

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   The living room of the house was a mess. Takeaway boxes piled up on the floor. Beer cans everywhere. Dirty rags even. A complete shithole.

"Sorry about the mess. After my father died we completely don't know what to do. Mom was busy to look after me and now.."

I nodded.

Then a while after we heard footsteps coming from the room at the right side of the living room. There came out a man, bruises visible on his face and arms. His left arm were wrapped in bandages. 


Bianca widened her arms, as if challenging him.

"Yes, me. What the fuck are you going to do?"

Then a woman came from behind him.

"Bianca? What are you doing here?" She asked.

This must be her mom.

"I've come to take my belongings."

The man looked at me.

"Oh you've got a boyfriend now huh? Is he a piece of shit just like you are!?"

I was completely surprised by his words, but wasnt offended by it.

"Don't you dare say that to my friend." Bianca said, with anger.

The man grabbed something from behind the couch. 

It was a machete. A long one. 

We both reflexively went into our stance. 

Although I can fight against armed opponents, Bianca probably couldn't. She needs to get close to him in order to disarm him. This will probably be hard for her.

"I'll take him on, Bianca."

Bianca was surprised by my words and looked at me with a confused face.

"Oh! Your boyfriend's going to fight?! Let's see how he can handle being sliced to mincemeat!!"

I changed my usual orthodox stance to southpaw. A stance someone taught me to use against armed opponents. 

He was holding the machete in his left hand. A lefty. I slowly closed my distance and he pointed the machete at me.

"You're not afraid to die huh! Come!"

I raised my right foot and kicked the butt of the machete, and it flew out from his hand, landing on the floor.


I jumped in using my left foot, and used my right palm to grab his face and slammed his head on the floor.


I probably broke his skull, but I don't care.

I'm not done yet.

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