23rd September 2161

   I just moved in last night, and today's the first day of me living by myself. The house mom bought was a two storey bungalow. I didn't expect mom to lend me a house this big. I mean,it could fit more than three people.

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     Three bedrooms on the first floor, which every room has its own bathroom. A little dining room, a kitchen and the living room. Mom even prepared a big TV for this house. Again,the thought of me living alone in a house this big is weird. On the second floor there are two small bedrooms,and at the end of the corridor there's a bathroom.

       I have so much free space and I don't know what to do with it. Should I get people to live here and pay rent to me? No,that would be a nuisance. I want to spend my time without interruption. I finished looking around the house at nine in the morning and cleaned up whatever I can. I didn't bother with the furnitures because I'm too lazy to move them.

    And now that I am all alone, I don't even know what I should do. Then I realized that my final exam results will come out in two days. I don't even remember that I just finished high school a few months back and is currently waiting for the results. If I got my exam results, which university should I apply for?

      I mean,there are a few universities that has engineering courses,and there's one not far from where I live. Balkan State Mechanical Academy. I've heard that the reputation is good,and a lot of graduates often get jobs fast after they finished studying. Plus, if I do get good grades in the first semester exam, I will be given a full scholarship. Yes,a full scholarship,which means they will back me up until I graduate.

     But I still have some time before that. The first thing I should do is figure out,what I would do to shame my father. I am an embarrassment to him,so I would embarrass him more with my achievements. I'll make that old man eat his own words that he threw at me. I researched on the inventions mankind had made, from the oldest to the latest ones. We have, an autonomous moving car, sentient robots, forcefield technology for military, and exoskeletons.

      I'm more interested in exoskeletons that are used now. Currently, the military and the firefighters are using it. There are some industries which uses exoskeletons to make their workers workload easier. Basically,an exoskeleton helps the one who wears it do a work that needs a lot of strength,be it carrying a heavy box, carrying a large bag or jumping high and punching enemies for the army. Our current exoskeletons in this country is equipped with a booster that lets them jump higher than a normal human.

            So,that's done. I'll use it in my future plans. As I was about to close my browser, there was a link that caught my attention.

'Military Technologies Exhibition'. What a coincidence. I guess I should visit it so that I can get a much more view of the exoskeleton.

Plus,it's tomorrow,and I have no plans. I looked at my watch,and it showed 10:50. Thinking about it, I have not eaten anything yet. And there's nothing in the refrigerator.....

"Guess I'll get takeout then...."

    I opened my mobile device and searched for a nearby restaurant. There's one almost 15 minutes walk from where I lived,and three minutes by a bus. Guess I'll be taking the faster route. I went into my room and wore my "outside" clothes. Just a simple hoodie and jeans. I went out and locked the door,made sure everything's secure and then I headed for the nearest bus stop.

      Took me almost some time to find the bus stop. I went ahead and waited for the bus that's headed to the way I'm going. The bus stop didn't have a lot of people. There were a girl,probably a few years younger than me,then an old woman,probably around 60 years old. She had a basket next to her,probably headed to buy groceries.

       As I waited for the bus, I saw a female Android walking towards the bus station. Judging from her clothes, she's owned by someone. Nowadays,some Androids are sentient,while some aren't. My guess is that the Android that is now sitting with us at the bus stop is a sentient one. You can tell the difference between them.A Sentient Androids' behavior is 70% similar to humans,where their movements doesn't have that "robotic" feels to it. They look around their environment like a normal human do,they speak like a normal human,walk like a normal human etcetera,but,they don't have emotions that are similar to humans.

    Scientists,engineers and programmers has not come close to making artificial emotions to these androids but, a certain engineer has came up with a program for the Androids, called S.L.A,Self Learning Ability. They will learn as they go on about their lives by observing what other people do.

     Looking at this Android sitting a few metres from me, I could see that she's named as "Clara". Nice name,if I do say so. She's just quiet,and her face shows no emotion. If she doesn't have the manufacturer's logo on her arms,people won't be able to tell if she's a human or not.

A few minutes later,my bus arrived and I went on. The Android and the young girl also went on with me. Buses like this is automated,meaning they don't need drivers. This system was introduced a few decades ago by a certain robotic company,and almost 40% of automated stuff in this country is owned by that company. I sat at the far back seat,hoping that no one would bother me.

      When I went on earlier,two people went off and three went on,and two people stayed on the bus. That makes five of us in the bus. The two people were just two high schoolers,probably a few years younger than me. I overheard them talking about drugs and stuff. Plus,I heard them mention about "Clara" the Android who just went on the bus with me,about how she has a nice ass and stuff. People like this makes me sick and makes me just wanna punch em right in the face.

  True,female Androids were made to look attractive and beautiful,but don't you realize it's just plastic?After all,when you have sex with it she won't even act like a normal human when doing sexual intercourse shit anyways(Unless they've developed well to that level then I won't bother),but why bother going after an android? I guess different people have different tastes.

      I sighed and just leaned back on my seat. I closed my eyes to get a quick nap before arriving at my destination. A few minutes passed,and suddenly I hear loud noises from those two boys. What the fuck is it this time?

As I straightened my body to look at the front seats of the bus,I see those two same high schoolers groping on the Android's body.

OBVIOUSLY,that android is not fighting back like a normal human would(duh),but what the fuck?!

     Bro,you have one human girl in this bus and yet you choose the plastic one. As I was watching,they were groping and touching her body all over,and saying dirty stuff to her. I want to ignore,but my body says "Nope". I jerked up from my seat and ran all the way to the seat they're in. Noticing the loud thumps I made as I ran,they looked behind and see your average boy running towards them with rage on his face.

     I stopped a few metres from the seat and kicked the boy who is at the far right of the seat right at his face.

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