I bashed his head, again and again and again, and his hands would try to grab my arm to escape. I could hear his muffled screams and groans. He was in pain, and I was going to put him in more pain. I lifted his head and bashed it against the floor for the last time and released his head.

He was barely breathing. He was weak. I raised my foot, and stomped his wrist until a crunch could be heard.

Seeing this, Bianca's mom couldn't do anything but tremble in fear.

Bianca quickly pulled my arm and dragged me out of the house, out of the neighborhood. She ran and I picked up the pace until we stopped at a distance far away from her house. We were out of breath.

"What was that, Damien? You could've killed him." Bianca said.

"But he hurt you."

Bianca looked surprise at my words. She didn't say anything but let out a sigh. She walked slowly towards me and when she was directly in front of me..

She hugged me, and her face was directly onto my chest.

I hugged her back.

I could hear her sniff.

"Thanks Damien." She said, although it was a bit muffled.

I smiled and replied;

"Much welcome'


Somewhere in the city, there was a big abandoned building located near the edge of the city. No one dared to come into the area because it is known to have a heavy gang activities. Many citizens had ventured into the area out of curiosity but they never came back. Much likely, they were kidnapped and became a victim of a human trafficking syndicate.

Inside the building's fourth floor, a total of 12 men were there. They were in separate groups and were facing each other. Each group had an even number of six men. The left group had machete and bats as weapons while the right group was unarmed. In front of each group, stood a man, which might be the two group's leaders. The left group leader was wearing a coat, and had sunglasses worn. He had swept back hair and a fair skin. The right group leader was wearing a jacket and jeans with spikes and had a spiky hairstyle, dyed in green.

Behind the armed group, there were four duffle bags, while the unarmed group had two tied up naked women in the middle.

The spiky haired guy stepped in front.

" We're not doing the deal unless you hand over the goods." He said in a demanding tone.

The sunglasses dude smiled and gestured his men to bring over the bags. After each bags were placed, the spiky haired guy picked up a bag to inspect.

'It's light. I thought it would be heavier.' He thought to himself.

He unzipped the bag and his face went from curious to shocked. It was clear that the bag was empty.


He wasn't able to finish, because he had just been hit by a metal rod by the sunglasses dude.

"Oops, my hand slipped." He said, while laughing.

The unarmed group saw this and charged over to the sunglasses dude. Although the armed group could see that their leader was in danger, they didn't do anything to protect their leader.

When a member of the unarmed group was close, the sunglasses dude evaded the punch that was thrown towards him easily by swaying back, and he countered the punch with the swing of his rod. Just like that, the poor guy was knocked out.

" Four more."

A guy wearing a black hoodie and a beanie hat approached him and threw a right punch, and the sunglasses dude easily swayed back. Just like before, the person attacking would get countered and easily gets knocked out.

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This time, two opponents decided to charge him at once. He then stepped back and hit the guy on the left with the top end of his rod, then quickly he spun his rod and hit the guy on the right with the bottom end. All this was done in less than three seconds, and the strikes was accurate, hitting the temple of the two men. They were now unconscious on the ground.

"One more."

He looked over to the back of the room and saw the last member of the opposing group. It was a man, maybe in his thirties, just standing there looking at the sunglasses dude. He wore a gym sweater and a tracksuit pants.

The sunglasses dude cocked his head.

"Oh, perhaps there's one interesting guy after all?" He said with a smirk.

The sweater guy dashed forward, with arms forward like a boxer. He would change the direction of his dash to left and right to confuse the sunglasses dude. It was clear now that he has experience in fighting.

He then quickly stepped inside the range of sunglasses and threw a quick one-two punch, aimed towards the head. Sunglasses evaded by weaving his upper body. The "boxer" then tilted his body to the left, then threw a hook to the liver. It was fast and clean.

But it missed. And he felt his vision quickly fading.

Sunglasses dude was now the only winner of the skirmish and he thought back of what happened. The boxer thought that he would hit the liver shot, but as the punch was about to hit, sunglasses spun his body along with his rod and struck the right temple of the boxer with spinning momentum.

"And here I thought I found someone strong." He sighed.

He took off his sunglasses. If people did not look at his eyes correctly;

They wouldn't think of him as a blind man.