11 Author's Words

Author's Words.

So from the start of the novel until now I've never mentioned the country that Damien lives in! I've only mentioned the state they are in, which is Balkan.

So for a start, Balkan is the capital of their country and I have decided to name it Felkra. It's a name that I've used when I was still writing short stories in junior high. Balkan is a big city with dense population where the rich lives in beautiful apartments and houses while the poor lives in old houses. It also has high level technologies and facilities compared to other states' cities because, well; they are the capital.

The neighbouring country that they are about to "wage war" against is New Dahke. You pronounce it as "Dakh". It is a country which technologies are about the same level as Felkra.

This world, it is a mirror version of our Earth. So when Eastern is mentioned, it is probably Asia and the areas around it. Felkra is a Western country, much like America but in this world there are no "leading countries". Power is identified by the amount of military power a country has and the level of technology it has. If there are leading powers in their world, Felkra would probably be in the Top 10, because of the amount of technological advancement it has, and the rest of the world uses a power source that originated in Felkra.

About the martial arts that Damien and Bianca uses, I have given them an official name, but it is just like the martial arts in our world. Damien uses a fighting style that 60% on kicks, takedowns, spinning attacks and punches. It is like taekwondo but I changed it to a style that focuses on helping soldiers on the battlefield. It is a style for surviving on the battlefield.

I will list all of the fighting styles that's going to appear in this novel.

1. Seu-Pineo

An Eastern fighting style that uses spinning strikes (Spinning back fist, spinning hook kicks, roll kicks, spinning roundhouse, spinning elbows etc), boxing, footwork, takedowns, and some grappling, eye poking and attacks to the groin are also allowed. This fighting style was created by the Easterners to be used for war and later brought to the West.

This martial art has four forms.

The Endurance Form, The Speed Form, The Striking Form, The Redirection Form.

Endurance Form like the name suggests, is a form where the practitioners harden all their muscles to endure strikes to the body.

The Speed Form is a form where the fighter creates fast footwork to confuse opponent and dodge attacks. It also trains the practitioner's grip strength with their toes.

The Striking Form is when the practitioner focus on rushing the opponent while minimizing damage to self, but also giving huge damage to the opponent at the same time. This form is the only form that can be combined with the other three forms.

The Redirection Form is the form that lets the fighter redirect attacks from themselves, or back to the opponent while maximizing the damage directed.

Currently known practitioners: Damien Reeves.

2. Hu Zhang. Literal meaning; Tiger Palm

A style that uses claw strikes, acrobatic kicks, fast footwork. The fist position is also unique, where the thumb is curled in the same way as other fingers instead of wrapped around by the other fingers. This style's main discipline is the speed of the strikes, so that the opponent wouldn't have a chance to counter or fight back, but Damien is a different story.

This style's number of forms are unknown, but the ones that are discovered and revived were;

i. The Standing Form

Practitioners stand with a wide low stance, putting strength on the rear leg so when they leap, they would arrive faster at their opponents. It's like a tiger's leap.

ii. All Fours.

This form is rarely used by practitioners because of how ridiculous it looks, but older masters used this form because it has a low center of gravity and they move like a tiger, where their dodging speed is faster than usual, but the Striking ability is limited.

Known practitioners: Bianca James.

3. Todemā

Middle Eastern Martial Art that uses sticks and rods to fight. The main discipline of this martial art is not to kill, but to subdue. If somehow the practitioner's weapon breaks, it means they have no right to fight anymore and would surrender.

This style focuses on Strikes, Parries, Blocks and Sweeping. It also combines acrobatic moves and leaps so the fighters can spin before an attack to give more momentum to their strike.

But this is the first branch while the second branch is a second style that combines other martial arts movements, so that when they lose their weapons, they would continue to fight with their fists and legs.

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4. Venom Mob Protege Clan.

The Deadly Venom Clan. Scholars start with one of the venoms or styles which are Centipede, Viper, Scorpion, Lizard, or Toad.

i. Centipede

This style uses an onslaught of rapid strikes, while throwing aside defense. The basic defense they learn are Leg Block and Arm Block which they are able to block attacks coming from above or below.

It also has a strike called Centipede's Venom, that uses their entire arm to bash their opponent's body. The scholar also learns how to break themselves from grabs, and disarm opponents. The only downside is the practitioners can't fight armored opponents.

ii. Lizard

The Lizard Style uses the walls as an advantage, like parkour, but deadly.

The main techniques in this style are;

Lizard Strike, where the scholar performs a front flip and hits their opponent with both of their legs.

Lizard's Speed, the scholar uses nimble and fast footwork to increase their dodging speed.

Lizard's Venom, a knockout strike targeted at vital points for knocking out opponents. It can be performed using the side of the hands like a chop, or any techniques suitable.

Lizard's Leap, the scholar uses obstacles as an advantage to leap and bounce back to perform a speedy but deadly strike.

Lizard Counter; the scholar is able to counter incoming attacks or read the opponent before they are able to make a move.

Like the Centipede style, it has the techniques to block and to break from grabs.

iii. Scorpion

A rare and mysterious style, where the scholar uses pincer-like hands and stinger kicks. It also focuses on knocking back enemies into another enemy to immobilize them.

Not much is known about this style, but the three known techniques are

Roundhouse kick. The scholars train this one kick everyday to strengthen their leg strength. Each day they would practice kicking 500 times.

Pincer Fist, this technique has a powerful penetration power and the scholar focuses on knocking down the opponent on their first strike.

Stinger Kick, this technique is a backup to Pincer Fist if the first strike did not work. It's like sidekick, where the scholar kicks the opponent's center of gravity to knock back opponents.

The rest of the two Venom Mob styles are Viper and Toad, but I don't want to give away much about these ones. They will probably show up later in the story.

I guess that's it for this one. If there's anything to inform I would update more so you guys can read it. Thanks for stopping by.

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