1 Chapter 1: The Strange Vampire

Pearl was working hard at her job in her cozy small office. "Ah! Finally finished." Pearl said as she turned off her computer. She then rose from her chair and stretched her arms and yawned . Her boss Emily walked over to her desk. "Hello ma'am is there anything I can do for you?" Pearl said as she looked at Emily. "Our business is going under and I'm afraid we have to shut down, the government wants to use this building as a parking lot" Emily said without showing emotion. "What?..But this business has been going steady for years." Pearl said sadly "Why does the government suddenly want to use this building as a parking lot?" "That's personal, and I'm afraid I have to fire you" Emily said folding her arms.

"Pearl Jones your fired" Pearl was filled with sadness , she always wanted to have her own cafe and she thought her dreams Would never come true if this had happened,it would be too difficult. Emily then gave pearl her final payment, Pearl took it and ran out sobbing. "How am I going to survive, it's too hard to find a new job and all my dreams are falling apart" Pearl said sadly as she wiped her tears. She then walked into an alley she used as a shortcut to go home. She then saw something she could not believe, she saw Aamon drinking a woman's blood and he then threw the woman on the ground. Pearl was trembling with fear and didn't know what to do. Aamon then noticed her, "You don't have to be scared cupcake, I won't hurt you" Aamon said.

His voice was calming and deep but also scary. Pearl then took out her phone and started to call the police , her voice stuttering with fright. Aamon then grabbed the phone and broke it using his bare hands. Pearl was even more frightened and then started to run away. Aamon then ran in front of her faster than you could blink.

"I said I wouldn't hurt you cupcake, don't make me go back on my word" He said sternly as he held her arm Tightly. "W-Who are you?! And what did you do to that poor woman?!" Pearl shouted. "I'm a vampire, and I drank her blood, I'm Aamon Grey second in line to the prince of darkness, my father, if he gives me his throne I'll take his place as prince of darkness." Aamon said calmly. Pearl was confused thinking he was making a sick joke, but after what she saw she believed anything was possible. Pearl moved aggressively to get out of his grip . "You've seen too much cupcake, I can't let you go" Aamon said as he picked her up.

"I'll let you go cupcake, but for now you'll remain mine" He said reassuringly and sighed as he saw the fear in her eyes. Pearl was furious and scared at the same time. Aamon then took her to his home and gently put her on his bed. "You've been quiet cupcake are you that scared of me?" He said while chuckling. Pearl was angry at him. "Of course I'm scared of you, I have nothing to defend myself and you just killed that innocent woman" Pearl said angrily. "They are far more things to be scared of in this cruel world , even your own kind" Aamon replied Looking through his window. Pearl was confused as she looked into Aamons eyes "What do you mean?" She said.

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