The Vampire Quinn Selar Book

novel - Fantasy

The Vampire Quinn Selar


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Quinn Selar and his best friend Tyler right out of high-school started working on a mobile game. It was a game about vampires where you play as a vampire and make choices that actually matter. It had 20 endings, and wasn’t one of those games that claimed to be interactive. This one actually is! One day Quinn and Tyler were finally done and went to go sell it. They got 5 million dollars from it which obviously made them super proud of themselves. That night Quinn decided to go for a walk where he found a woman being attacked. He tried to save her but in doing so got attacked by an actual vampire. What would you do if you woke up one morning with your appearance totally changed and you could only digest blood or raw meet? Quinn now has to face these challenges. Of course it’s not all bad, none of the traditional weaknesses affect him and he still has a reflection. He now has to go on living as a vampire. Find out what powers he has, figure out why this has happened to him, and he must find out if vampires were always in town, or does his game tie in to his situation somehow.


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