The Vampire Princess Book 2: Melissa the vampire girl Book

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The Vampire Princess Book 2: Melissa the vampire girl


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If you haven't read the season 1 go and read it. This novel is connected to the first season. ” I hate you, I don't want to see you ever again, ” she shouted ” Why are you being like this Melissa?” ” You know why I am like this so stop pretending, ” she shouted and push him away then locked her door Tears came out from her eyes Demons are not friends of vampires, they have been fighting for centuries but they decided to make peace. On the outside, it looks like they have made peace but on the inside they are still fighting. Melissa is a vampire who is known through her mother as divine doctor daughter. She is brave on the outside but she lacks insecurities due to an unfortunate incident in her past which no one knows except her parents. Dexter is a demon who hates vampires because of what the vampires do to him and he vow to get his revenge. What will happen when they will both meet? What will happen when Melissa falls in love with Dexter? And will their love ever survive the obstacle they will face? READ TO FILL OUT YOUR RAGING CURIOSITY. This novel is part of the webnovel spirity awards contest so please vote for this book as you have vote for the season 1. The cover is not mine but for the owner


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