1 The princess and grey - eyed man

It was Linda's 21st birthday . Finally after the wait of 21 years , the eldest vampire princess would be crowned as the queen of the vampire kingdom . Every nook and corner of the grand hall could be seen decorated with beautiful lights and chandeliers could be seen here and there giving an authentic yet a modern vibe to the birthday party of the vampire princess . For the celebration , the king had invited the whole kingdom's people to come and enjoy at the grand royal ball .

Having invited the people , the king had also invited important people of other kingdoms . The werewolf royal family , the zombie royal family and also the demonic royals were invited to come and enjoy the grand ball of vampires . People of different backgrounds mingled with each other , clinking glasses of blood and champagne .

All the while , in her room , the to – be crowned princess sat there in her royal attire . Having been attended by different maids , Linda was all smiles . She was finally going to be the queen of her kingdom . Since she was young , she had disciplined and dedicated herself to everything she can do for the people of the vampire kingdom . She had many friends and was loved by all . She was even appointed as the royal advisor for her father , the king of the kingdom .

Today she was finally 21 and the next day would only embark a new beginning of her life as the vampire queen . The maid braiding her long silky , blonde hair , complimented her hairs and beautiful looks as she said , " Your highness , you have very beautiful hair . Such beautiful hair and such a beauty as you deserves to eb the queen . Congratulations , your highness . "

The princess looked at her long time childhood friend in the mirror and smiled at her brightly , giving her a quick wink .

In a few minutes , Linda would have to be presented to the whole crowd of royals and people from her kingdom . She hurriedly looked herself in the mirror for once and swirled around , making her beautiful gown to swirl along with her as well . Her blue eyes looked up at the clock in her room and she saw that still had time .

She thought of watching the incoming people from the window of her room . The princess made her towards the large window that gave her the wide view of the beautiful night sky lit with stars and also with the beautiful view outside her own palace gate . the incoming people in beautiful and colourful dressing almost made her heart swell with happiness . She was going to be their queen soon . Her dream pof being the person to eb able to give her people the love and support they wanted , along with being their queen , was going to finally come true .

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She was interrupted in her beautiful thoughts when she felt a tap at her shoulder and a sudden hug as she turned around .

Linda didn't need to look at the person who was hugging as she too hugged the person as tight as her .

" My beautiful sister , today is your birthday . I'm so excited for you , that you don't know it yourself . And do you remember that zombie prince , we used to have fun with when we were young .. he has grown so much . Oh my , I didn't really recognise him at first , but he recognized me right away . He came up to me and asked me with a humorously suspicious expression , if I was same princess who used to call him dead stone when we were younger . And do you know , how dashing he looks now . Oh my , I think I'm going to fall for him . "

Kira , younger sister of Linda , came up to her and started her usual rambling . Linda looked at her younger sister rambling on and on without stop . When she finally finished her story side , Linda chuckled at her cute and lively sister .

Her sister had always been like that . Cute , lively and beautiful for sure . When they were young , they used to hang out together with the other prince and princesses of other kingdom too . All of them used to go on an yearly or sometimes even seasonal vacation to different countries , so that the young princes and princesses could explore the world .

However , they were separated and had to attend to the royal studies and teaching . To be taught by the royal tutors wasn't easy and this caused them all to be almost no contact again .

Today , they were finally together with each other and all of them were just so excited that they couldn't help but just run over to each other and ask about them . Ah , how much they missed this friendship .

Linda smiled and questioningly asked Kira what she really wanted . As much as she knew , her naughtier sister would always like to be clinging to her the most when she wanted some favour .

" So what is it this time ? "

Kira's face became red with embarrassment as she sheepishly looked at her elder sister with a pleading look .

" Sister , please convince father to let us all go on a vacation once again . I want to be on a vacation with all of our friends , like the time when we were younger . When I asked father , he just threw me a glance and ignored me afterwards . As if I don't even exist . "

Linda sighed with an exasperated expression as she looked at her sister and nodded lightly , to which Kira squeaked in excitement and tightly hugged her sister again .

Linda turned back to the window when Kira left and she then saw another one of the royal guest coming in . This time , it was the werewolf royal family . The princes of the werewolf royal had been known for their high level of discipline . So when , Linda saw the eldest prince making his way into the place , followed by his younger brothers and sister , Linda couldn't help but be impressed by his authority . Even from this far , she could feel that highly authoritative and domineering aura of the crown prince of the werewolf family .

Meanwhile , wherever he went or passed by from , the crown prince of the werewolf kingdom gained respected looks . Young women swooned over him as his looks could not be just described with one or two adjectives . Those grey eyes of his held the mysterious and powerful aura he carried .

That chiselled face could literally put even the most handsome and beautiful of men to shame . His looks were just otherworldly . Linda was momentarily lost in him , when suddenly the prince stopped for a moment and made a direct eye contact with her . Even from far , the mesmerizing and deep look he gave her , was enough for Linda's heart to beat fast and get her breath hitched in her throat . They both looked at each other for a moment before he finally moved forward .

Linda's heart had still not calmed down when she was being called down for her presence .

In the grand ball , she stood up the podium as she held her father's hand and gave the crowd of royals and individuals a friendly wave . The crowd roared up in excitement and chanted her name again and again in appraisal until the king had to raise his hand to stop them .

" Ladies and gentleman , royals and common men , it's a very pleasurable moment for me as I present to you my daughter , the going to be queen for the vampire kingdom . "

Linda looked up at her father and gave him a small smile while her father , the king looked down at her with pride in his eyes . The hall again echoed with excited murmurs , followed by chants with Linda's name . Linda gave a very hearty smile to the crowd as her eyes scanned the crowd , until they met with those familiar grey ones .


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