18 Decision

Washing up the bottle and rinsing her mouth , Linda came back to her room freshened up and then started to think of the future awaiting her and the life that waited for the child . Finally having decided her life route , Linda made up her mind to call him the first thing , tomorrow .



" What !? "

A sudden surprised and loud voice of Nira echoed in the apartment in the morning .

" Umm ... yes Nira . I have decided to leave the job . I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about it earlier . "

Nira just gaped at Linda , open – mouthed in shock and surprise . Today , she woke up , only to find a sleeping Linda . She didn't want to disturb the sleeping new mother , but without having Nira wake her up , Linda woke up and came up to her , only to break the news that she won't be coming to the club to work anymore , from now on .

Almost stumped by this sudden decision , Nira could only look at Linda with a questioning gaze . Linda was worried that Nira might get late for her work , so she hurriedly urged Nira to get ready and go out the door .

But Nira didn't budge an inch . Rather , she took out her phone and called the manager , keeping her steady gaze on Linda , she asked for a leave .

Giving an excuse that she needed to see the doctor , she somehow managed to get the leave from manager without any stressful leave application or reasoning . Thanks to the kind and understanding manager .

Linda just looked back at Nira with a questioning gaze of her own , as if asking what do you mean by this . But Nira gave her own intimidating glare , although not as intimidating as Linda could give , but still ...

And this was how Linda had to tell her whole conversation with the mighty and the most handsome business tycoon , about whom Nira usually squeaked around . As Linda went on , the look on Nira's face went from astonished to surprised to finally an excited one at the end .

" Like , are you really telling me you met him , in person ? And he was the kind man who saved you that night and helped you to the hospital ? "


' So what did I speak all this time , huh ? '

Linda was speechless . The whole conversation revolved around the idea that he gave her for her future and the options that she should look for , but Nira just caught upon the fact that Linda met Neil Martins and that's it . It somehow made Linda feel like a crow going over her head , leaving the dots of speechlessness behind .


Nira now seriously turned to Linda and gave her a bright and hopeful smile , as she asked ,

So have you thought about the profession you'd be doing ?

Hearing the question , Linda shook her head with a straightforward denial . She had though to become a lawyer , but getting to learn from basic to the most complicated of rules of the human world , would require quite a lot time . although she was a vampire and she could learn pretty quickly , she wanted to enter the profession that'll be safe for her and her child . Not to mention , that the profession should be somehow useful for Neil Martins as well .

This was because , the epitome of being her role model was Neil himself and since he had offered to support her through her hard time , she should be able to give back something in return as well . She didn't want to just keep owing to him .

Then there was another profession of being a doctor . But the thought of dealing with bloody and emergency conditions , made her back out . Blood would become her weakness , especially at such a vulnerable place as hospital , so it won't work out .

However she was interested in business and also the teaching profession . Both of these professions somehow attracted her a lot . the business one could be a bit rocky in the beginning but if she's persistent with her goal , she can attain her business goals smoothly , while the teaching profession was in itself quite a decent one .

Meanwhile , interrupting her train of thought , Nira spoke up ,

" Linda , I have a very good idea of profession for you . you know , you're quite beautiful and still young . It's all your choice , but have you considered the acting field ? It would suit your personality and also your beauty . You know , many actresses out there use plastic surgery to get the perfect face shape , nose shape and what not . But you have all of them in perfect proportions . Regarding the body shape too , you have a good one or maybe even better than many of them . So … what do you think about it ? "

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Linda kept quite for a while considering the option of acting as well . But it seemed like she lacked that skill of acting out the part of the actor . Not to mention , that other options don't seem to appeal to her , since she had already made up her mind to go with either of the options of starting a business or getting into a teaching profession .

The silence stretched on for a while , before Linda looked back at Nira with the fiery determination in her eyes . Nira was almost going to tumble off the sofa in surprise with the intense fire that burnt in Linda's eyes . For a moment , she almost felt like her eyes have turned into the blazing furnaces .

" I have decided Nira . I want to become either a business woman or a teacher . Somehow both these professions appeal to me . What do you think ? One is a decent one , while the other is quite a beneficial one . "

Nira was happy to hear that Linda had finally thought over her track that she wanted to choose . All she needed now was proper planning and guidance . Linda knew that she could actually attain her goal of being involved in both the professions and for that she would need to work hard and start planning , NOW .


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