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The Vampire of Wall Street


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As I said I would previously in latest chapters, I have come to delete the fanfic in the end, but a long period of consultation has changed my mind in several aspects, I have decided to not totally forsake the story, rather, I'm going to do something different. For those that read this novel until the end, you may know the number of original elements I implanted in it, to the point that it almost didn't resemble the original stories it was based on, mostly with MWIABCEO. I decided to re-edit it, but turn it into an original novel... basically, I'm gonna use this as a template to create an original story, when? I don't know... but this is definitely a project I'll be working on when I get some time, with nothing more to add, thanks to those that read it!

There is no text chapter for this article, so stay tuned!

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