1 king Elijah X Helena

Cold gusts of wind blow through king Elijah's castle walls, creavaces in the stone create breeding grounds for spiders. Howls from the wolves rattle across the horrizon, and bats swoop low along the moonlit sky.

My cousin and I stare in amazement as we stand at the entrance of the castle. The guards at the gates stand as tall as church steeples, staring down at me. 8 feet tall, one of them kneels beside me,"Helena, we have been expecting your arrival!" He whispered, but his voice still boomed in the night air.

I was shown to my room in the castle to clean up before dinner. Knock knock.. i called to whoever was at the door, to come in. It was the Vampire king. His eyes sparkled like jewels, his hair flowing like the sea. "To whom do i owe the honour?" I questioned timidly. "Helena," His voice was as soft as cotton, it gave me butterflies,"i have been waiting for your arival Helena, you are very important to this realm."

Without another word, he left my room. As i turned towards the bathroom, a note caught my eye. It read:

dinner is at 7.30pm. Dont be late..♡

The time was now 7pm. I had to hurry so i quickly got in the shower. BANG BANG BANG! startled, i questioned who was banging on the door. No reply, however he was now stood in my bathroom. With eeriely quick speed, he had me pinned to the wall by my neck. I let out an ear-piercing scream and he fled. Still flustered, i pulled on some clothes and fled to the dining room.

Elijah requested to see me after dinner, at midnight. The halls of the castle that were once filled with dancing heat had not long flickered out. All i could see is what the oil lamp allowed me to see.

Elijah's room was in the east wing of the castle. Knock knock... i gently banged on the solid oak door. It began to creak open to reveal a dimly lit room. The hall i stood in filled with the scent of lavander as i took a step into the doorway and entered the darkness. "Elijah?" I questioned, as i felt a grip around my waist i spun to see him. This astonishing beauty if a young king stood before me, hidden in the shaddows. "You wanted to see me?" I asked, unknowing of what would happen. "Your here for your 'duty' as we will call it." His voice resonated beautifully across the stone walls we were encased in.

He took me by the waist and pulled me close. His body rubbed against mine, as he leant in and carefully drank my blood. Drawing the blood to his lips, i groaned in pleasure "Uhhh~",Uneasily, i fell against the oak door. He now had me pinned against the wall, but i diddnt mind.

Slowly, he moved his hands from my waist to my back, he began to loosen my dress, and so did my grip on his shirt. My dress slid down my slim figure as he tasted every inch of my chest. In the most gentle way possible, his hands careered down from my shoulders to thighs as he delicately slid his fingers inside me. "Mmmmm" i moaned as he brought his lips to mine. My heart fluttered. Entoxicated by his touch, he led me to the bed. How did he have this power over me?

When the morning rolled around, i found myself waking in my own bed. 5am.. great. "what do you want penny?" I asked him, although he wasnt real. he is a demon inside my head, but i could see him standing infront of me. "Helena, he needs to know about me. you cant keep me a secret forrever.." penny paused as we heard footsteps approach my bedroom door. "Helena?" Elijah called, "are you up yet?"

"Y-yes, im awake, come in" i replied sleepily, however, that diddnt stop me from talking to Penny or Elijah. "I heard you speaking to someone? care to explain?" he said sternly yet sweet. "It... Its no one" i whispered shyly. "I am not No one. Helena, i am a demon." Penny shouted. "Hmm, a demon, in my castle?" Elijah said intuitively. "we will talk about him later, Helena. Now, if it okay with you, may i have a drink?"

Almost immidiately, i replied "y-yes.." then i fell asleep again, drifting through thoughts of Elijah that no one would expect from me.