The Vampire King's Beloved Book

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The Vampire King's Beloved


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He slammed me against the wall, pinning my arms above my head while he pressed up against me. head buried into the groove of my neck, "You have no idea who I am. Do you?" His whispered into my ear causing me to gasp as his breath fans my neck and a shiver runs down my spine at the dominance laced in his voice. "Of course I do." I whimper as my back arches in pleasure when he licks from my nape to the bottom of my ear. "Pray tell, Who do you think I am?" He asked pulling back slightly while raising an eyebrow "You are my Beloved" I whisper so quietly that I didn't think he would hear me. however, he gave me a smirk before dipping his head back to my neck and began nibbling up it causing me to bite my lip in anticipation. Meet Ana, She is a human living in a world overrun by the supernatural. The world fell into chaos when we first discovered that it wasn't just humans in this world but all kinds of supernatural hidden in the background. once a year around what used to be Christmas there is a sacrifice in order to please the supernaturals. in which all the girls around the world are offered up as anything they want them to be. Well unlucky Ana, this is her year to be offered up in the sacrifice


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