22 The dream....

Marc's dream instantly faded away as he opened his eyes in much shock. He woke up with a jolt and straightened his back, taking deep breaths. His body was filled with sweat and he was panting heavily. "What a strange dream. I had always dreamt of mother dying but this was different... It.. It felt so real..." He looked around the room and realized he was sleeping on his parent's bed.

"I should not have slept here. It is making me think weird things." He quickly gathered his father's clothes and secured the letter in his pocket. Getting up from the bed instantly, he walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

He glanced at the large antique pendulum watch and nodded his head in disapproval. "Hmm... I just slept for one hour. It is only 1:00 am." He sighed and walked inside his room. He quickly took off the dirty clothes and changed into his father's white shirt and black pant, which was way bigger than his size. "This should work."

He nodded a bit and then straight away crashed on the bed. In another few seconds, he had dozzed off to sleep again, thinking he might get a peaceful sleep in his room now.

But soon, the same dream continued, as if somebody had pressed the resume button of a paused video tape. Marc was now again standing next to the coffin, while with one smooth move Eza climbed out of the coffin, smiling at her soon. "Oh, look at you, you are so grown up. I am glad you finally found us."

"I missed you too mother." Marc spoke as he could feel a huge lump in his throat. He hugged his mother for a very long time, while the bats continued to hover on two of them.

"Oh, first we have to save your father now." Eza patted the crying boy's back lovingly, kissing his cheek again and again.

"Yes mother. I cannot wait to meet father." Marc wiped away his tears and held out his hand. Eza smiled as she placed her hand in his hand, and they both walked further ahead in the garden.


As they walked ahead, the clouds thundered even more and suddenly a gigantic black crow seated itself on another similar looking coffin. Eza smiled looking at the crow and raised her hand a bit.

The crow instantly ponced on Eza and landed itself on her hand. "Yes it is time Croba! It is time to call him back. The mightiest and strongest vampire of all times is about to come out of the dead."

The crow spread its wings and started hovering on top of the coffin. Marc rapidly, went to the second coffin and broke its lock too. With one smooth move, he opened the coffin's door, to reveal a man lying inside it.

He was dressed in a formal black attire, with his hands on his chest. He too wore a pearl necklace around his neck and Eza and Marc smiled looking at him.

"Oh James." A tear dropped down from Eza's eye as she looked at her husband.

"It is time for you to wake up dadda. Your son is here so save you." Marc held the pearl necklace around the blonde man's neck and instantly shattered it into pieces throwing it away in much anger.


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Several black crows emerged from surrounding trees creating an enormous ruckus around the two of them. "Wake up dad. Look everybody is waiting." Marc lightly grazed his father's cheeks when suddenly James opened his shining blue eyes and smiled a bit, revealing his sharp fangs!

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