1 The origins

The tower of the school stand tall. The big clock at the center and circular window at the top. Everything was fine and good at the new place where caleb settled. He's on the way to the dorm of linoxxe.Its tempting white flavor of cotton candy was painted on the wall of their dorm. The magical entranced made by the head of the school by pointing the index finger and drawing the mythical code on the front of the door. The door lights up, then Mr. Bleatz indented his hand to the white painted door as there was a portal. After infiltrated his hand on the cloud, he got the key.

"Only the dormer of linoxxe can draw the code and penetrate their hands on the front of the door", Mr. Bleatz said

The beauty of darkness and night ravished and put in the dorm of linoxxe. It was enigmatical place where the galaxies and the moon has it own classic. The magical red curtain that has own life wiggling on the wind, the giant fire place, and the beautiful living room lights up with bottles of fireflies. The door of his room was opposite to large entrance of their dorm. It height's ranging about 3ft and it's like twiggy that once you open the door, it will collapsed at any time. He slowly open the door but the only things he saw is dark. The fiery of curiosity on him, gives confidence to look for his room. He bend and enter the room and his eyes finds out the beauty of his room. It was big than he thought and it was totally different from twiggy entrance. He has a room with organized mini library, with chandelier and the deadly bizarre view on the window. It's already 9:00 o 'clock in the evening when the bells rang. It is the sign that they need to go to the bed and sleep. He slept at the bed with satin clothes and the magical pillow that adjust depending on the person's need. It is the first magical night of caleb, so he closed his eyes and wished to the magical ceiling that have stars sparkling and meteors falling as the real skies. Caleb was drowning now on the beautiful scenery on his dream. He saw the sorcerer school in different view. It was astonishing that he was standing on the circular window above the big clock. He saw the pattern of the school symbolizes to the code on his room, the code of linoxxe. He used his index finger and follow the pattern. The whole school lights up and there's a portal that opened. There are monsters that emerges from its colony. it is in the black form and has red eyes and Those monsters are eating soul. The screams and the bleats of crying ratified all over the school. He was in rushed that makes him out of balanced and felt on the the cemented stairs. He was still dizzy when he stood and waylaid by the monsters. He cannot figure out what to do, but he raise his right hand upwards to side ward, he was trying to draw a pattern to vanished all the monster but he was fainted that leads him from falling on the floor. He still wide awake and has reflexes when the monsters slowly eating his soul, but there was a figure of a girl that appears on front of him to protect him from monster..

"Who are you", he said while looking at her.

The thunder strikes on the monster and its ashes was blown by the wind. The girl slowly turned her back and She made a smile on her face, but turns on to furious. There is name plate on the right side of his chest, color of gold printed with the named of her, erie.

He was awakened by the bell. It was only 5:00 am in the morning when the bell rang. He was wondered either amused but frightened also about his dream. He was curious about erie and the circular window on the tower. But, he has no confidence to ask mr. Bleatz about this. They go to the big and broad dining table of all sorcerer on the school and eat breakfast but he was burst with curious that he wants to leave his seat and go to the library, but he was pacing a lot of student. He forgot about his dream when there's a person talked to him.

"Hi! I'm geoffrey

Geoffrey has a red hair and sunken eyes. He was jolly and active person.

He shared a lot of things to caleb. Their conversations was enough to know each other and to be closed as a childhood friend. He was on rushed when he remembered he planned to go to the library.

"I'm sorry, i need to go", he said like he was totally on rushed

Wait a minute! Where are you going? Do you mind me, if I want join you?, geoffrey said

Ahhhhhhmmm, okay but let me warned you. I'm going to the library!!, caleb said

Don't worry caleb, even though I don't like reading, i know I will enjoyed watching you doing some kind of mess bro!, I know what's your plan on going library. It's about your mare?, geoffrey said with excitement

Shhhssss!! Okay let's go, caleb said.

The library was really big and there's a lot of big book organizers. In estimation the books ranging on 20 thousands books. Caleb look to geoffrey, but it has no reaction about the bunches of books and its own organizer.

"I know what you are thinking about caleb",he said in natural way

"There is an easy way to find the books that you need, through the mind detector of the library, he added

In just a minutes, they find the books that they need. They got three books that have the same title but different author. It was entitled, " the nightmare".

One by one they look and take the important informations about nightmare.

Some of the important details are:

"Night mare is some what a warning"

"It is totally the opposite of what will happen"

They just got 2 important lines on 3 books.

Afterwards they go to their classes. Their professor Mr. Morleon just introduce his subjects and talks about the school. He also mentioned the linoxxe patterns of the school and the circular window on the tower. Those things left him with wondered and fear. After the class, he is planning to go to the top of the tower, but there is something different on him, he was pale and dizzy on this afternoon so, he decided to get some rest.

He was again on the same spot, on the circular window and he saw again the linoxxe pattern on his dream, but this time, he did not follow the pattern with his index finger for his fear forcefully stopped him. He goes down the stair and saw erie once again. She looked to his eyes and smirks, then faded. The monsters appear in front of him after erie disappeared and this time he used his magic spell to vanished all the monsters. For this time, he knew that erie did not protect him from very beginning, but trying to kill him on his dream. He was awakened not by the bell, but by the knock on his door. he opened the the door and saw geoffrey.

What are you doing here?, he said

I have a news to you, geoffrey said

About what?, he said like a whisper

It's about erie, geofrey said while arching his eyebrows upward

Caleb was accidentally mentioned about his mare and about erie a day ago in the library. Geoffrey tell caleb that erie was kidnapped a week ago by Darklords and there's no still any report about his situation right now. He was really shocked about the news that geoffrey brought.

"Really!?", caleb said in shocked

The night had passed but Caleb did not tell geoffrey that he had a mare again about erie. The bell rang again. caleb go to the office of mr. Bleatz to mentioned about his mare, but when He was about to tell him about this there's something stopped him from telling. So, he just say something as an excused.

Sir, can you tell the scheduled of my next class?, caleb said

Your next class is to mr. Giovani, hurry up and find the room 208, mr. Bleatz said

the only things that he can do for now is to write down every details of his mare. He still dizzy when the class begins, so he get the opportunity to sleep in the class even though he will give a suction if he caught. he dreamed about the island of the school, how it stand tall in the center of the ocean of merglanda, but in this case he saw again the monsters eating soul. he had a mare, a day mare that he didn't expected.

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