The Unreached Plane

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What is The Unreached Plane

Read ‘The Unreached Plane’ Online for Free, written by the author Eashaan_Taneja, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Enjoy my EBOOK HOPE YOU LIKE IT



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In the city of Willowbrook, Olivia's life is a canvas painted with sorrow. Orphaned at a young age, she finds solace and purpose in caring for her ailing grandmother, Grandma Lucy. Olivia's dreams of a fairy-tale romance and a love-filled marriage stand in stark contrast to the harsh reality that has defined her existence. Balancing her aspirations with a deep sense of responsibility, Olivia grapples with an agonizing choice. With Grandma Lucy's life hanging in the balance, Olivia agrees to an unconventional marriage contract proposed by Alexander, a domineering billionaire. As the deadline approaches, her dreams of love and a blissful marriage fade in the shadow of Grandma Lucy's desperate need for medical treatment. In the face of adversity, Olivia's determination to save her grandmother becomes a driving force. Despite her internal struggle, she accepts the marriage proposal, hoping to secure a future for her beloved relative. As Olivia steps into the world of Alexander's opulence, his authoritative demeanor hides a kind heart and a hidden world of emotions. The journey ahead is a collision of Olivia's dreams and the harshness of reality. With Grandma Lucy's life at stake, Olivia's desperation to save her takes precedence over her own desires. As the contract binds them together, a question lingers: Can love truly emerge from the seeds of necessity? Olivia's path is one of sacrifice, where dreams and reality intertwine, leading to a twist of fate that could change everything.

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A second chance with my billionaire husband

Ji Yunya died at eighteen, was reborn, and returned from Hell as a devil. * Everyone said that the Ji Family's girl was gentle and graceful, beautiful and smart, elegant and refined, with a heart as delicate as an orchid and scholarship as impressive as her manners; she truly lived up to her reputation as the top socialite. "Ji Yunya, you’re nothing but a devil, how can there be someone as terrifying as you existing in this world? You black-hearted and corrupt wench, why don’t you just die..." The adopted daughter of her grandmother wished she could drink her blood and feast on her flesh. Because I've already died, haha, you're right, I’m a wicked ghost who crawled up from Hell. In my past life, I made a wedding dress for you, this life, I intend to take back everything that belongs to me, and by the way, crush you ruthlessly into the mud. "I should have strangled you the moment you were born, because you simply don’t deserve to live in this world, your blood is the filthiest thing on this planet…" Her biological father incessantly thought about how to kill her. Because my existence is the biggest shame in my father's life, but what can I do? I couldn’t choose where I was born, but I can choose how to live. Like a nail, I’ll be fiercely hammered into your heart. If I’m filthy, then what does that make you, the creator of me? "You're a freak, I'm going to call the police and have them lock you up in a mental hospital..." A little friend was filled with righteous indignation after accidentally seeing her true self. Shush, truly clever people know better than to speak out, because I can’t resist silencing them...permanently! My father is hypocritical, my grandmother feigns virtue, the mistress is venomous, and even her sister is courting death. Come one, come all, let’s settle our accounts, past and present! She's a noble socialite praised by everyone, a study goddess with off-the-charts intelligence, the ultimate idol with beauty and talent, a medical genius with a cool and wise mind… Her perfect acting could fool the whole world, yet those who hate her most know the truth—she is black-hearted, hypocritical, selfish, domineering, and madly obsessive. Look, this is the real her. * Yan Song, the son of the mayor, poised and majestic, with an impressive and stunning presence, he is the dreamy youth every girl hides in her heart, as beautiful as jade and as fierce as the scorching sun. In public, he’s dashing and charming, in private, he’s cutting and sarcastic, arrogant and wild. A slam dunk photo of him from the basketball court went viral online, and netizens hailed him as the National School Hunk. Countless fans drooled over the only blurry photo of him available, calling him "hubby" with unrestrained joy. One day, the typically mysterious and low-key National School Hunk suddenly registered a Weibo account, and instantly masses of fans rushed there. ——I’m just here to say that I’m engaged and have a childhood sweetheart for a fiancée, so stop calling me your "hubby." It's reserved for her, and if you upset her, then I won’t be happy either. And if I’m not happy, no one will be. The fans refused to accept this, wailing, how could their idol already have a fiancée? And he’s so in love with her, that's just way too domineering... Ji Yunya: That's right, I am domineering. If you want to be my man, you have to be clean from top to bottom, inside and out, from your body to your name, even every strand of your hair must belong only to me. Otherwise, I won't be able to resist destroying it... Yan Song: My wife's obsession with cleanliness is incurable… But, I like it! From then on, a saying circulated in Jiangzhou, Master Yan dotes on his wife above all else. You can provoke anyone but Lady Yan, or else Master Yan will teach you how to be a person all over again in minutes. 1 vs 1, the tone of this work is pampering, pampering, pampering, written by someone with a fastidious streak, you get it, if you like it please bookmark it.

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