1 Foundation day

Everything was going hectic, especially today.  It was our foundation day. Our director holds foundation day in January every year without fail.

I work in one of the most successful magazines. During the day we had to attend the office and at the end of the day, there was foundation day.

Working hours are quite hectic as our director keeps on giving us work on work. If anyone has to work in our magazine then they should simply forget about their personal lives. 

It's always quite hectic and a chaotic atmosphere in the office but it's fun. I mean rather than wasting time it's better to do the work which you love the most. 

I started working in a fashion magazine around six months back. I met many people while working there. 

I couldn't cope with the others due to their selfish nature and another reason was that I am too honest when it comes to my work. 

Many people didn't like this behaviour of mine so I ended up fighting with everyone around me. I even fought with my director twice or thrice. 

After four months or so a new assistant came. I was supposed to guide her. I gave her basic knowledge about everything I almost knew.

Oftentimes  I helped her to get her work done fast. It was really easy to work with her because she always listens to me well. 

If I tell others to work like this they get offended. I don't why they used to get offended. But whenever I worked with my new assistant Sierra it's always easy.

Sierra was in her late twenties. She had dark brown middle length straight hair. She had thick round shaped eyebrows. Her baby pink lips look quite attractive with her fair skin complexion.

Her eyes are big like a rabbit. She looks cute and pretty. She knows how to carry herself well. She's the definition of perfection.

She's very attractive but most importantly she's full of fun and charm. She is a good narrator. She interestingly tells her life stories.

I have never seen a polite person like hers before. Anyone could have diabetes with her polite behaviour. I was never used to politeness.

But as I started spending time with her I started liking her more and more. Unlike others, she never talked about work when we hang out. She seemed like a normal person to me.

Rest at the office every one of them was nothing but a typical nerd. To them, their life purpose was to only sacrifice everything for the magazine. Although it was a good thing, there's life outside the work environment too. 

I am a carefree kind of person. Although I am punctual and hardworking still I enjoy my time. I am a workaholic still hang out a lot with my close ones.

I don't usually like to rest so I keep myself busy either with my work or being with my friends or family. I don't like to waste time at any cost.

Sometimes I wore out but other times I do enjoy my life. I was full of life and fun. 

I am Naomi. I have a dusky complexion with sharp features.

I have thick black middle length wavy hair. I don't like to take leaves. I still remember I took only one or two leaves throughout the whole year. 

If I ask my director to grant me leave then she can grant me without even asking for the reason. Although I dress up like a girl due to my behaviour and my nature people often call me a tomboy. 

Maybe I am straightforward and outspoken that people can't get to know my sentimental side. Today, for the first time I decided to look completely different.

I ran to the salon after my working hours. Although I love my wavy hair a lot, still I went to straighten my hair. Due to wavy hair, my hair looks medium length.

Once I have done the straightening my hair touches my lower waist. They looked quite beautiful, thick, shiny and long. 

I have good hair but I don't give them complete care and as a result most of the time my hair doesn't look maintained. 

I wore a light shade of blue denim paired with coffee brown long boots with beautiful laces used as shoelaces. 

I bought these boots with my hard-earned salary. They were quite expensive. For the first time I was surrounded by my colleagues, I wore a sexy top.

Usually, I don't dress sexy in work environments even though I work in a fashion magazine. I like to wear comfortable clothes rather than elite or fashionable clothes or else it'll be difficult to work for a longer period. 

I wore a blush pink jacket because I get cold easily. I wore my makeup and nude lipstick matching my outfit. Big lavender earrings looked pretty on me. 

Recently, I have asked one of my school mates to join me at work. We were having a huge amount of workload so I asked Diana to work for a month or so to help me out. 

Diana is quite creative and has a good sense when it comes to fashion. She might be helpful as she has already attended many workshops for fashion designing. 

She barely had any friends. Besides me, she had only one friend so I thought it would be good if she joins me at work. At least she will make new friends who can give her company in my absence. 

A few days back I talked with her. Somehow I convinced her to work. She was quite excited. She's also hard-working like me. She was punctual as well as interested in her work.

I gave her training personally for a few days. It was like three to four hours daily. I had to make her understand about the magazine. 

I have to report my leader first then to my director. Both the leader and director were happy with Diana's work. My leader praised me for giving her training personally.

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