103 Reinforcements: Dongfang Que and Gong Xifan

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Well done, little c*nt. You are bold enough to strike a vicious blow at the first sign of disagreement. Your heart is indeed as malicious as a snake or scorpion's."

When the Su Clan's Old Master saw his guards, whom he had trained with the utmost care, killed by Ye Jiuge in one move, his anger erupted like a volcano. He was so irate that his face turned red. Although they were not spiritual guards, he had meticulously selected them to boost his reputation.

"Su Clan's Old Master, I respect you as an elder and have been deferential to you. However, to help your daughter and granddaughter forcefully occupy my Yun Clan's estate, you have dared to lay murderous hands on me. Let me tell you, even if you beat me to death today, the Yun Clan's assets will not land in your hands." Ye Jiuge used her spiritual power to speak these words, so they carried far into the streets.

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