2 I’m calling off the marriage, it’s impossible that my fiancé is so despicable

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When Ye Jiuge next woke, she was no longer in the WanZhang Depths, but lying in a secluded and deserted alley in the capital.

She propped herself up against a wall, stunned to discover that the wounds on her body had not only healed completely, but that she was filled with energy.

What did the demon snake Zhi Shang do to her?

Suddenly, she heard the approach of a horse-drawn carriage from afar accompanied by the loud reprimanding of guards.

"The Crown Prince is traveling. Bystanders should step aside."

The citizens who were milling about retreated to the side of the road and whispered to one another.

"I heard that the Crown Prince is soon going to be betrothed to Miss Ye Shanshan!"

"Miss Ye Shanshan is the most talented spiritual elixir alchemist. She is a match made in heaven for the Crown Prince!"

"But wasn't the Crown Prince engaged to Miss Ye Jiuge? How can he also be betrothed to Miss Ye Shanshan?"

"Bah! Ye Jiuge is naturally inept and has a hideous appearance. She is also slow-witted. How could the Crown Prince possibly marry her?"

"That's right. So what if she was due to marry him? If I were him, I would not marry such a useless, incompetent woman."

Ye Jiuge's face went cold. It had never occurred to her that the very moment she crawled out from the WanZhang Depths, she would bump into her fiancé and younger sister displaying their love in public. What a coincidence!

Just when all the citizens had backed away to both sides of the streets, Ye Jiuge emerged from the alley into the center of the road.

"How bold of you, unruly citizen! Why haven't you gotten out of the way yet?" The guard who had cleared the road lashed his whip at Ye Jiuge.

Ye Jiuge threw him a stern gaze. She gripped his whip forcefully and flung him to the back of the horse carriage.


Both the guard and the coachman fell to the ground. The situation was a mess.

"Who is causing a ruckus?"

A man's authoritative voice rang out from the horse carriage.

At the same time, a burst of force from an intermediate spiritual practitioner attempted to suppress Ye Jiuge.

Ye Jiuge gently lifted her bare hands and disintegrated the coercive force into nothing.

This action prompted the person who had initially directed the force to respond, "Eh?"

Then, a man wearing a purple brocade robe alighted from the carriage.

He was an attractive man with a pair of long, narrow eyes and thin lips. As the Crown Prince of Lei Kingdom, Dongfang JianMing carried himself with an incomparably haughty air.

When he saw Ye Jiuge, he immediately asked with loathing, "Ye Jiuge, have you lost your mind?"


A young, pretty lady with delicate facial features and snow-white skin heard the Crown Prince and poked her head out of the carriage. When she saw Ye Jiuge, she could not help but exclaim, "How have you not died yet?!"

She had pushed Ye Jiuge into the WanZhang Depths with her own hands. How could she have climbed out of there?

"I also believed that I was certainly going to die when you pushed me into the WanZhang Depths. I never thought that Yama, the King of Hell, would not accept me and insist that I return to ask how a hypocritical and malicious woman like you, Ye Shanshan, can exist in this realm?"

Ye Jiuge laughed coldly at Ye Shanshan as she looked at her.

Although veiled, her scarred face was still unsightly, but her spine was as straight as the majestic mountains, and her lone figure exuded an air of self-confidence.

The surrounding citizens began chattering as soon as they heard what Ye Jiuge had said.

"Is it true that Ye Shanshan pushed her own sister into the WanZhang Depths?"

"I can't imagine that such a beautiful person could have such a cruel heart…"

Ye Shanshan seethed. Ye Jiuge, that b*tch, should die. She really dares to speak the truth in public. So what if she does? No one will believe her.

"Elder sister, even though you did not want the Crown Prince to have a relationship with your younger sister, you should not fabricate such lies to frame her!" Ye Shanshan made a face as if she had been wronged and wept. "You have landed yourself in such a difficult situation. I feel sorry for you. Crown Prince, you should not meet with Shanshan from now on. Shanshan did not have the heart to see her elder sister hurt herself."

As Ye Shanshan spoke, her tears rolled down her dainty face like pearls falling from a broken necklace. Her makeup did not smear as she cried. That face could tug at the heartstrings and awaken a man's desire to protect her. Clearly, Ye Shanshan understood her advantage well: one sister was a pretty and talented spiritual elixir alchemist who was forlorn, while the other was an ugly, useless woman with a scarred face who sounded overbearing. There was no point in arguing about whose side the public would take.

Immediately, the surrounding citizens turned on Ye Jiuge with condescending looks.

"I have heard before that it is Ye Jiuge's nature to be envious of other people's achievements. I can't believe that she would incriminate her own sister in public."

"That's right. Look at her bloodied clothes. After losing so much blood, it would be impossible for a normal person to stand here and appear perfectly fine. She must be pretending."

Ye Jiuge smiled coldly and asked Ye Shanshan, "If you did not harm me, why, as soon as you saw me, did you ask why I have not yet died?"

Ye Shanshan's face froze. She did not know how to explain her earlier slip of tongue, so she quickly turned to Dongfang Jianming with a miserable face.

"Don't cry, Shanshan, this is not your fault."

Dongfang Jianming immediately wrapped his arms tenderly around Ye Shanshan and turned to stare at Ye Jiuge as if he was looking at trash.

"Ye Jiuge, regardless of what you have done, it is useless. I will never marry you. If you have any self-respect, you should scram. Otherwise, do not blame me for not being considerate towards you."

Ha-ha! Dongfang Jianming is such a jerk. In order to break his engagement with her, he actually takes Ye Shanshan's side in public. He is truly despicable!

"Ye Jiuge, are you deaf? Didn't you hear me?"

Dongfang Jianming jeered at Ye Jiuge for quite a while and became even angrier when he realized that she was not responding. Instead, Ye Jiuge merely gave him a puzzled look. She scrutinized Dongfang Jianming up and down, then asked him, "Sir, who do you think you are? I am teaching my younger sister a lesson right now. What does that have to do with you? Are we close?"

Pfft! Bursts of laughter broke out around them. However, they disappeared quickly.

Dongfang Jianming's face reddened completely. He pointed at Ye Jiuge and chastised her, "Stop trying to feign madness and pretending to be ignorant in front of me. Your attitude is only disgusting me more and more!"

"Elder sister, I know that you bear a grudge against the Crown Prince, so you are pretending not to know him on purpose. But regardless, he is your fiancé. Your actions have hurt his feelings."

Ye Shanshan spoke with a pained face, as if she felt terrible for the Crown Prince.

"Do you mean that he is my fiancé?"

Ye Jiuge's expression made it appear that she found this unbelievable. She pointed at Dongfang Jianming and said, "That is impossible. My fiancé would never be so despicable, shameless, and vulgar. Before calling off our marriage, he seduced other women. Not only that, he did not even spare my younger sister. He is truly worse than an animal!"

Pfft! Everyone gasped in disbelief at her words.

"Ye Jiuge, how dare you call the Crown Prince despicable, shameless, and vulgar?!"

While Ye Shanshan's face appeared shocked and furious, she was snickering in her heart. Ye Jiuge is truly an idiot!

When she returned, she would say that Ye Jiuge had committed the crime of insulting royalty, then someone would drag her sister through the streets to let everyone know how uncouth she was.

"I see that you can speak these words without stuttering. Perhaps, in your heart, you are thinking the same thing!"

Ye Jiuge nodded agreeably.

Ye Shanshan's face froze. She had never thought that Ye Jiuge could speak so eloquently that she would not be able to utter anything in return.

"Ye Jiuge, I command you to shut up!" Dongfang Jianming had never been berated by someone with such an accusing tone before.

"The person that should shut his mouth is you!"

If he wanted to compete to see who could shout louder, Ye Jiuge was not afraid at all.

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