The Unparalleled Doctor Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Unparalleled Doctor


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His name is Heller Nicholson, and he is Hades himself! With unparalleled skills in medicine and fighting prowess capable of dragging anyone to Hell, he is the legend of the battlefield! But when he returns to Los Angeles after a five-year absence, he finds his daughter pushed off the top of a building, his wife bullied and oppressed by his foes, and his family’s assets usurped. His ex-fiancée tries ways and means to kill him, and his mother-in-law kicks him when he’s down. All may seem lost, but do they think that he had spent the last five years on the battlefield in vain? He is no longer the man he used to be! The wildly arrogant Hades who overlooks the world descends, bringing with him trusted friends and fearsome allies! This time, he shall bring glory to his family and let them shine brightly and brilliantly!