The Unmated King
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The Unmated King


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What is The Unmated King

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The Unmated King - Curse of the Goddess - Reina, an Alpha Female of the smallest, yet strongest pack among the others, second strongest to the royals, the Blue Moon Pack, does not have a knowledge about her true power, possessed since the birth of her mother, a hybrid power, on which came from the Moon Goddess, but she isn't the only one that possessed such power, another man-wolf, named Zander, has been given as well, but unlike her, his, is considered as a curse more than a blessing. On the other hand, Derek, being a royal blood, is powerful and strong, but to his surprise, he then met his mate, who is Reina, as strong as he is. Living for about twenty eight human years, peace surrounds the kingdom, due to the peace treaty that had been done fifty years ago. Now, in his era, he needed to govern the place, facing a lot of challenges. One day, Reina witnessed the massacre on her pack, an unknown werewolf, called, Zander, killed her family and the rest of the pack, leaving her tp live alone as she ran towards the forest nearing the Capital Kingdom. As soon as she woke up, she planned on avenging her pack. Her journey isn't easy, she needed to train herself more to be stronger than the enemy, until a day that she and the rest will know about her true power. Zander, then faces Reina, fight to all their might, wanting to know what is much stronger, a blessing or a curse? Later on, they found out that they are related by blood. Both of them are not knowledgeable about the truth. The truth lies on the book of the hybrids, where it stated all the possible outcome using both blessing and curse.

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The characters maturity are great, alot to learn even if this is just a fantasy. I like the twist and development of each characters. Very great book to read.


I enjoyed the author's writing style and it drew me very quickly. I just had to finish it all in one sitting! once you got me reading I was hooked! Congrats and keep up the good work!


I love the cliffhangers, and those details in fighting actions effects. Not just a typical romance werewolf book, but also an amazing action book.


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