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Five hundred years ago, there lived a kingdom by the name Mevidal. A disaster occurred back then when a mini asteroid struck the kingdom killing about 90% of the people in the kingdom. During this disaster the king and his three sons received powers through the help of the medallion chains they received from the half dead successors.  Five hundred years later, after different Kings ruled the kingdom and fought wars using the ropeless medallion chain. A certain king ruled the kingdom but treated the people as slaves. The successors removed and sent him into the deep forest after his removal the people nicknamed him blackwolf because of what he did to them.  Ten years later, after a prisoner became the king through a punishment he meant to serve but escaped, a letter came from an unknown destination saying they should prepare for war for the real blackwolf is coming to take over the kingdom. The king informed the people but advised them not to panic that he'll fight the war to the end This leads to an unending war that leads to the fight between a dark entity that Harry(blackwolf) joined lead by Lord Luv( Lucifer's most loyal servant ) and Mevidal kingdom but a being rose to save the day as it was written in the prophecy that: "THE WIND LORD, THE MONSTROUS DEMON, THE TWINS WOLVES AND THE THREE TIERS OF VISION WHICH INCLUDE THE FIRE LORD, THE UNKNOWN WARRIOR AND THE ULTIMATE UNKNOWN SAVIOUR SHALL FIGHT THE BATTLE AGAINST THE  RACE OF DARK ENTITIES  WITH THEIR LEADER LORD LUV AND HIS SECOND IN COMMAND THE GREAT WITCH ZOEY ALONGSIDE THE DREADED BKACK WOLF, THE UNKNOWN WARRIOR IS THE FEARSOME DRAGON WARRIOR AND THE ULTIMATE UNKNOWN SAVIOUR WHO IS THE DIVINE LORD OF LIGHTNINGS SHALL APPEAR TO HELP MEVIDAL FIGHT THE UNCONQUERED RACE YOU OF DARK ENTITIES AND THE BLACK WOLF WILL DIE, WHILE THE LORD LUV SHALL ESCAPE DEATH AND THE UNKNOWN SAVIOUR SHALL DIE AS WELL BUT A GREAT THING SHALL HAPPEN WHEN ALL HOPE IS LOST THAT THE RACE OF DARK ENTITIES WE TAKE OVER MEVIDAL KINGDOM" WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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