2 Where she ended up.

Hello my name is Azura Tyler, my kryptonian name is Car-zon-el.Kinda a long shot, but we all have wierd names.I was sent to protect my sister super girl(sister an expression not really my sister).She doesn't need me, so I began my journey in Manhattan, the city of superheroes.(she bumped into a stranger, but is he)Sorry (the stranger said).Oh it's alright, I'm Azura.I'm Peter, Peter Parker.What Spider-Man I have read all your stories.Um, no I'm not Spider-Man he is much much cooler than me.Well anyways see you later, bye.Hello, Avengers we have a new person with us today(said Captain America).Her name is Dark Girl(said Captain America).Hey, and thanks for having me(said Dark Girl).(spots Peter)Oh hey Peter(said Dark Girl).Um, oh wait you're that girl I ran into this morning(said Peter Parker).Yes it's me, well time to tell you my story(said Dark Girl).I was born in Krypton, my home was destroyed, but my family was saved(said Dark Girl).I was sent to protect SuperGirl, but she needs no saving, I need saving(said Dark Girl).I want to learn more about earth, I was also sent to keep you guys in check(said Dark Girl).Great the mysterious girl is now the Leader, at least it's better than a Leader who doesn't know how to operate technology(said Iron Man).(all the avengers snicker).Night every one(said Azura Tyler).Good night(said all the avengers).

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