3 In the beginning

I'm going to start high school with you Peter(said Azura).Yeah be good and keep an eye on her for me got it(said Captain America).You got it cap(said Peter).So, Peter what exactly do we do(said Azura).Learn, just don't speak to goths unless you are a goth, you don't seem like a goth(said Peter).Anyways, find you clique(said Peter).Sure, and yes I know what that means(said Azura).Cool, see you later, oh and don't tell anyone no one you are an alien got it(said Peter).For sure(said Azura).Bye then(said Peter)(he ran off to class).Okay, first I have math(said Azura).Good morning class, my name is Mr.Taylor(said Mr.Taylor).There is a new student, how about you introduce yourself(said Mr.Taylor).Oh, my name is Azura Tyler, I am 16 years, I used to live in Houston, Texas(said Azura).Cool(said student).Sit down anywhere(said Mr.Taylor).Why don't you sit by me(said Aja).Sure(said Azura).I'm Aja(said Aja).Can anyone tell me what X is in X(3+4)=21?(said Mr.Taylor)(Aja and Azura raise their hand).Oh two people, I choose Azura, because Aja always answers my questions(said Mr.Taylor).The answer is 7(said Azura).Correct, class dismissed(said Mr.Taylor).Remember read page 4-10(said Mr.Taylor).Aja, wanna hang out after school(said Azura).Sure, but we can hang out now, school ends early today(said Aja).Why(said Azura)?Cause the teachers have a free day(said Aja).Cool(said Azura).Oh hey Peter(said Azura).Hey, I see you met Aja(said Peter).Yeah, why didn't you tell me we didn't have class for the rest of the day(said Azura).I knew they would tell you in school(said Peter).Oh(said Azura).You know Pete(said Aja).How cute you call him Pete(said Azura).It isn't cute(said Peter).Let's go(said Peter).Bye, spidey(said Aja). Bye(said Peter).Wait she knows your secret, I knew you had to tell your girlfriend(said Azura).Yes, and she isn't my girlfriend(said Peter).Sure(said Azura)(they enter avenger's HQ).Hey guys(said Captain America).Bye Peter(said Azura).Bye(said Peter).Night cap(said Azura).Night(said Captain America)(she sneaks out of HQ).(she flew all around the city)(she enters Peter's home).Hey Peter(said Azura).WHAT, how did you get in(said Peter).A kryptonian never reveals her secrets(said Azura).Fine, what do you want(said Peter).I need a costume and a name(said Azura).So you came to the master(said Peter).No you're the only one I know(said Azura).Oh, I knew you would ask me, so here is your costume(said Peter).Cool, I love it(said Azura).So a name, how about supergirl, no it's taken, superwoman, not a chance, how about. . . .(said Peter)(gets interrupted).Dark Girl(said Azura).Yeah totally was going to say that(said Peter).Thx Peter, bye and goodnight(said Azura).Night(said Peter)(she leaves his home).