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"Gramps, pertaining to the school, I would like to evaluate the changes you have made"

Athena pulled out the chair before the Hokage, her expression serious as if Naruto wasn't getting the life beat out of him by a pig of all creatures. Hiruzen took a long pull from his cigar, seemingly reflective while he retrieved the article comprising of every detail about the new curriculum. Some might find it quite foolish that he is taking advice from a mere twelve-year-old child, while he and everyone who knew this child would think otherwise. Athena possessed knowledge they could never obtain and had a mind like no other, why not heed her advice? If not for her, the Uchiha clan would not be here to this day, if not for her, Naruto could have turned out differently, if not for her, Tsunade and Jiraiya would not have returned to the village so willingly. There are many more changes that have occurred because of her, all of which had been pretty good so far.

Hiruzen would continue to listen to her as long as she had something to say.

"Medical classes would be useful, don't you think?" It came as a question but it was very much a statement. She didn't even wait for a reply before she was adding something to the paper and Hiruzen didn't bother saying anything about it.

"If the school is improving I would like to request a more thorough Bukijutsu class, because all that class offers are kunai and shuriken when there are plenty other weapons that can be utilized as well" Sasuke had appeared at her side, leaning over her shoulder to get a look at the document. His words earned the attention of everyone else in the room for they now focused on the exchange between Athena and the Hokage.

"We're changing the school?" By some miracle, Naruto had gotten Tonton off him and had quickly found himself at the desk with Athena. "If so, the new school should focus more on field training than book-smarts because, in the end, your knowledge is ineffective if you don't know how to properly apply it"

Very well said Naruto.

"And the taijutsu classes should be more in-depth and not just once a week" the classes were useless, for Hinata did not learn a single thing about fighting from the school. All that she knows has been taught to her by her father.

"Oh, and the exam shouldn't focus so much on a written exam and more on a physical. And the physical shouldn't be a simple clone jutsu either, what's that gonna do?" Naruto really couldn't understand how the academy had stayed afloat with such a laughable curriculum. They were really sending the kids out to die, weren't they? "And did you reevaluate the teachers old man?"

"I did Naruto" Hiruzen's answer left Naruto smiling in satisfaction. He wouldn't like anyone being manipulated by a teacher like Mizuki. "And yes Athena, I had thought of a medical class, but we don't actually have medical-nin who can teach these classes"

"And in that sense, you don't have many who can teach Fuinjutsu either," Athena said more to herself than anyone else and that had Naruto perking up excitingly. She could already hear his thoughts before he voices them and she has to admit that it's not a terrible idea.

"We can teach the kids" Naruto grins brightly while striking a ridiculous pose. "I'm really good at Fuinjutsu and Athena is an amazing medical-nin, plus aunt Tsunade is here, she can teach too"

Tsunade says nothing about the easy assumption, keeping to herself in a corner and watching her daughter go to work. It had been too long since she last saw her and she missed how serious and determined she could get when she wanted something done. Her brows would furrow in concentration, teeth would skim her bottom lip every now and then and she would fiddle with the necklaces around her neck. Tsunade doesn't think she realizes any of these but it is something she has come to easily notice about her daughter.

"May I have a clean piece of paper please?" The young Senju is tapping her fingers in thought while her other hands play with the brush as if she was writing in the air. When she is handed her paper she starts jotting down everything she believes the school should have as well as what she deems very unnecessary. Medical information is important for all Ninja to have, to avoid unnecessary deaths on the field. A more detailed Bukijutsu class is also beneficial to all for they will get time to choose a preferred weapon and train to master it in time. Fuinjutsu has its obvious benefits, for the use of seals, the creation of paper bombs and the overall knowledge of how most bindings work.

"I would like to personally review the instructors as to know what class I can leave them in charge of" she doesn't look up from her document, still adding classes on top of classes, laser-focused on her task. "But I'm putting Naruto in charge of Fuinjutsu and perhaps I'll consider him for Taijutsu training"

The younger of the blonde is very skilled in those areas and he's a likeable person on top of being a surprisingly good teacher. She knows he can handle it and she knows he's too excited to become a sensei so easily.

"As for medical classes well, I'll handle that, I think my mother should be handed over to the hospital because I pity the poor souls who end up there" the hospital is hot garbage and she'll openly admit it. "I've added jutsu classes - for a lack of better wording - because I truly believe there should be more than three jutsu taught at the school. This class should have its students use chakra paper to determine their element and focus on teaching them jutsu that matches with them. I really don't understand why this isn't an actual class, who was in charge of the curriculum before this?"

"The civilian council"

There was a scoff of clear disdain at those words, one that was expected considering Athena's feelings towards the civilian fools.

"That explains a lot. They made it easier for civilian children to pass, but it just makes them incompetent and cuts their life short. Do they not comprehend the danger of being a Ninja? Those worthless fools"

Yeah, she was not happy, neither were they when the old man took over the curriculum.

"Mercenary trading" Athena mumbled almost as a thought when she suddenly thought of the uses, even better if those interested decide to work under her. Yes, useful indeed.

Soon she was drawing down a sketch of the new academy with her teammates looking over her shoulder with curiosity. Even Jiraiya came to see what she was up to, after having debated getting near her for nearly ten whole minutes. While she constructed the designs she couldn't help but think about the approaching chunin exams and the dangers it brings. She had someone set up in the sand village to keep a close eye on Gaara and his family and they were to report back to Yuki at every opportunity. And Yuki, well, she could still sense her in the village and she had a feeling the girl had gone after someone she was sure would be after her sometime soon. She didn't know why he had not come to her sooner, when she was a child. She always suspected he would come for her, but she had not detected him not once, but she had a feeling in the back of her head. One she could not ignore. It was trepidation as she felt as if she would be face to face with the bastard sometime soon.

Let him come, he'll be lucky to get out alive.

"I should really get to building the school" she's not one to waste time so she'll get to it and finish it as soon as she could.

"Would you be needing assistance, I can have some workers at the ready" Hiruzen understood that her mastery of wood release was most likely on a level he could not comprehend, but he still had to ask.

"No, I can handle it on my own, thank you" she almost added the fact that the worker would just get in the way, but that sounded too arrogant for her let slip past her lips.

"Hmm, this I gotta see" Jiraiya nodded to himself, having already decided to accompany Athena to the academy and he was sure he was not the only one with this in mind.

"It would an experience to see her use wood release on such a scale" Sasuke muttered almost to himself, a statement Hinata could agree on, for she was nodding to his words. She would also like to witness what she was sure to be an amazing feat.

"Curious?" The Senju was smiling as she stood, patting Sasuke on the back as she stepped towards the door. "You'll be amazed by what I'm capable of little Uchiha"


"Oh, I bet" Naruto was pushing Sasuke to the door and dragging Hinata by the hand in his excitement. "I had told him what type of monster you are, but having him see it in person will blow his mind"

That could be meant in a literal sense because he was already dumbfounded when he had learned of her abilities.

When the children left the office the adults were left in a temporary silence, a silence that was broken by a sigh from Kakashi as he closed his book. The jonin fished for something in his pocket before pulling out a rolled-up document that was the report of their mission's success.

"The mission was handled rather easily"

"You ran into Zabuza, I've heard" A puff of smoke was exhaled with the words

"Yes and now he works under Athena" Kakashi was still in slight disbelief at how that had turned out, but this is Athena. "That child is a menace. She almost killed him for targeting Hinata, but the next moment she was looking to recruit him to her network"

"Ah, well she had been wanting to hire him for some time now," Shizune said with something resembling a shrug. "She had absently said so many times before, and when she wants something she will get it"

One way or another, Athena always finds a way to get what she wants even if it means breaking multiple laws.

"Now if only she would be so determined to score a girl" the words were quiet and were only meant for Jiraiya himself, but Tsunade had still heard him and shot him a glare.

Little did they know

"She will not be like you, you fool" the disdain in her voice was almost painful.

"I think it's too late for that" Kakashi chuckled. "She has a very perverted side, even if she tries to contain it"

There was a visible look of disappointment on Tsunade's face, one that morphed into one of anger as she glared at Jiraiya, who had been trying and failing to get out of there unnoticed.

"Damn you"

"I didn't do anything!" Jiraiya tried to defend." It's not my fault she took after me"

"Whose fault is it then?"


"That's what I thought, you perverted fool" Tsunade released a sound of frustration as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "At least she isn't as brazen as you"

Kakashi had to hide himself behind his book before he gives anything away, but he was too obvious in his endeavour, earning a suspicious look from Tsunade.



She narrowed her eyes at him and Kakashi realized where Athena got her death glare from right at that moment.

"I have absolutely nothing to say"

It's best he keep his mouth shut.


There was not a single trace left of the school, something that was almost unnerving to the four who stood where it once was. Naruto had placed himself on the swing, happy to see that it had not been taken away as well. Sasuke sat leaning against a tree next to him, arms and legs folded as he carefully watched Athena, Athena who had been looking around with a keen eye. Next to him sat Hinata. The girl was emanating a gleeful air as she ate the cinnamon rolls Naruto had so kindly gotten her as thanks for constantly saving his life. He promised to offer more whenever the time arose.

"How did you guys get here so quickly?" The voice of Jiraiya had them all looking to him as he approached, smile big on his face, and hair all wild in the wind.

Coming up behind him was of course Tsunade who had the same question in mind. Though she already had multiple answers to said question, considering that both Naruto and Athena were skilled in the arts of teleportation.

"We're not old like a certain someone we know" it was a backhanded comment that came from a somewhat distracted Naruto. Sasuke didn't think he realized what he had said until a moment later when he was blinking back in surprise at his own words. "Wow, that was better than I expected from myself"

"That was rude" it kinda hurt but Jiraiya would not admit it.

"He speaks the truth" of course Athena would agree. She smirked as she met her father's eyes, a brow quirked in challenge as she approached. "You are old"


"Yes" she walked right past him, not even bothering to look at him.

She joined the rest under the tree, sitting next to Hinata and staring at the open space that once held an entire academy.

"There are so many possibilities here" she held her hands up in a framing sort of way as she gazed through her hands critically.

Instead of getting straight to work, she manifested a little bowl which she opened to reveal a line of Dango. She offered one to Sasuke before indulging herself for the moment. She'd get to work and once she's started she would not be stopping until she did everything that needed to be handled. Hence her leisure at the moment.

"So what have you been up to lately?"

"Wouldn't you like to know Aunt Tsunade?" Naruto chuckled.

"What are you trying to say, dear brother"

"Oh, nothing, just that you work real fast, seeing as we practically just got back and you already made Hinata your girl" he was so casual with his words but that smile was one of pure mischief.

Hinata was instantly a bright red as she tried so very hard to fall into the ground when she felt two pairs of eyes on her. Why had Naruto done that?

Sasuke was silent, not sure whether to be impressed with Naruto's show of guts or terrified for his life because he didn't think that was something Athena would appreciate.

But she smiled, she chuckled even.

"I did, didn't I?" Ah, well she wasn't mad about it, in fact, she seemed proud and Jiraiya couldn't suppress his pride either.

"Your girl, huh? I wonder what you must've gotten up to" the toad sage wiggled his brows to which Athena rolled her eyes.

"I will slap you so hard you will be greeting Hashirama before you even understand what had happened" she was dead serious and he knew that. "Say anything even remotely suggestive and I will send you off to the afterlife faster than uncle Minato's teleportation"

All colour left Jiraiya's face at those words and no other words left his mouth.

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