The University of Athena Book

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The University of Athena


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AN EXCERPT "DISRESPECT?", I roar. "She died trying to protect us. To protect you. And you're here making pathetic excuses for not attending her funeral?" That's it. I pick up a wooden chair and hurl it at the stupid Mahogany desk and watch it break into a hundred pieces. It still doesn't lessen the pain that's deeply imbedded in my heart. I smash a vase against the carpeted floor and another. And another. I go around throwing things to the ground and against the windows. I run to her desk and throw all the papers to turn them into a paper-tornado. And just as I turn to leave the office, I blackout. ____________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION: Tucked away in the small town of Winterford in West England, University of Athena has a legacy like no other. The alumni of this university have emerged as powerful leaders and successful individuals in various walks of life. But it also ferociously guards a secret of its own. When a 20-year-old Anaya gets accepted into her dream university, she's ecstatic. She sees the letter as her ticket to freedom, packs her entire life and leaves overnight. She meets an annoying and a ridiculously handsome Arthur Ezra Jackson, on her first day and immediately hates him. Destiny makes up for it by giving her dorm mates who turn out to absolute sweethearts. The girls become immediate friends and comfortably settle into this new life with their own routines and schedules. But fateful one night, a silver envelope changes their lives forever. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright ⓒ 2021 Flawed Writer


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