The Unfolding Duet
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The Unfolding Duet


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What is The Unfolding Duet

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He shouldn’t have imagined her lying naked on his bed. She shouldn’t have imagined his devilishly handsome face between her legs. But it was too late. Kiara and Ethan had been best friends since they were children. They'd shared everything in their eighteen years together except romance. But that all changed at the beginning of their senior year. Kiara began noticing Ethan's washboard abs when he hopped out of the pool dripping wet after swim practice. Ethan began gazing at Kiara’s golden skin in a bikini as a grown woman instead of the girl next door he grew up with. That kiss should have never happened. It was just one moment in a lifetime of moments, but they both felt its power. They knew the thrumming in their veins and desperation in their bodies might give them all they ever wanted or ruin everything if they followed it. Kiara and Ethan knew they should have never kissed. But it's too late to take that choice back, so they have a new one to make. Fall for each other and risk their friendship or try to forget one little kiss that might change everything. Here’s the Preview “If you don’t want to kiss me then . . . let’s swim.” “Yeah, sure.” “Naked.” “What?” “I always wanted to try skinny dipping.” I pursed my lips and said, “And I really want to get out of these clothes.” He said, “What if someone catches you . . . me, both?” “Come on, Ethan. Don’t be a chicken . . .” “Fine.” His voice was rough when he said, “Remove that sweater first.” I raised my eyebrow at the sudden change in his demeanour. Ethan said, “You have an extra piece of clothing than me.” I grinned. “Who said I was wearing any underwear?”

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Its such a good reas omg im obsessed it has good grammar good characters and u feel what the characters feel like its so well written definitely a must read


it's a good book author but why is there only 9 chapters unlocked don't mean to be rude but I'm pretty sure alot of us don't have a net worth


This read will draw you in and next thing you know you need to replenish your coin supply! grammar is great, characters and story line are appealing.


i was little upset at first because I thought it was going left but it worked out in the end.... its a get u right kinda book 😜😜 good character development as well... needs to be Updated more






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