The Unfinished Mission Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Unfinished Mission

Alimi Kehinde

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  • 43 Chs

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THE UNFINISHED MISSION (In love with the assassin) Lucy was a twenty years old lady whose family were assassinated for a reason best known to her father, auntie and the culprit. Before her father gave up the ghost he told her to take revenge for their death. She shouldn't kill anyone but she must hand both the assassin and the culprit over to the cops. "Do not fall in love" her father warned her. She tried all her possible best not to fall in love even if she will do, she must accomplish the task ahead of her, everything changed when she met the assassin that killed her family, she fell in love with him. And she must hand him over to the cops. She must Avenge her family's death. She must not fall in love, but she fell in love with him, the assassin that sent her family to the land of no return. Andrew is the professional assassin who sent her family to the land of no return, he was the one given the mission to kill everyone in her family but luckily for her, she escaped that day. Andrew must kill her because she is his unfinished mission. It became a game of revenge, a game of hate and fighting the arrow of love.