19 Zara Olivia King

Zara Olivia King, the first child of four, Jamal's mom, was once a sweet, kind and loving lady, a lady who always saw the best in people or so she thought at least before what happened and before she was arranged to marry Zayn Dominic King, who then, was thirty years old when she was only twenty two years old.

She didn't want to marry him because she had no idea of who he was and most importantly because she was in love with someone else, someone who made her heart pump blood twice as fast, Paul Gilbert.

Zara and Paul grew up in the estate Zara's parents owned. Her Father was a oil mogul and her mom was the eighty fourth in line to the throne of Montrealeau a small kingdom in England.

The funny thing is they never met once during their childhood, it was completely forbidden for the servants or the kids of the servants to associate or talk to Zara. She was their pride and joy, their princess , their only child at least till her younger siblings came along when she was fifteen.

Zara was out in the fields one day on her sixteenth birthday Eve, she hated the spotlight,she had to sneak out, she just wanted to leave the house, it was suffocating.

She laid in the grass feeling the grass move in between her fingers and the breeze blowing through her hair as she read her book, it was perfect, she hated having maid's around she wished she could be in her books all day long doing nothing but read.

It was getting late and she had her head in between her book, wanting to know if the boy got his princess charming, she was about to go back into the house when she stumbled on a wheelbarrow, she didn't notice, while she was bracing herself for her face and the floor to collide, the fall never came, instead she felt strong arms holding her waist preventing the fall. She opened her eyes and saw the most handsome boy smiling back at her. They became friends instantly and then friendship turned to love.

Paul Gilbert was their late Butler and maid's son, who her parents didn't agree with because he was less privileged than they were and most importantly because they wanted their daughter to marry into a family with the same social circle as theirs.

Zara's parents tried their best to separate Zara and Paul once they knew about their relationship, they threatened their relationship but the both of them stood strong.

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Zara tried to run away with Paul when her parents found out about them but he ghosted her, he didn't show up at the point where they were supposed to meet at. She later heard that he was paid off by her parents.

It hurt her when she found out,not at her parents because of the money they gave him, not even at the fact that he accepted the money, but at the fact that he was paid off and he left her and the worst part was that he left without an explanation or a trace and the fact that she had to hear her parents remind her about it every chance they got, it was like they paid off his love for her, was it that easy to leave who you claim you love, just because of money.

If it was that easy, she decided she wasn't going to waste her time on love and she agreed to marry Zayn. From that day she always believed that anyone who wasn't in her social circle was only a vulture looking for the next rich person to devour. Her marriage with Zayn wasn't a beautiful marriage, just bearable. It became a lot better when she had her kids, she tried her best to make sure her kids don't go through what she had.

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