7 You're not aborting my child

Avery followed the doctor with her eyes till he left the room, she was still on a state of shock, after she could no longer see him, she took the test results that the doctor had left beside her, looking at it she saw, it stated that she was 99.9 percent pregnant.

Then it dawned upon her that she was really pregnant, she didn't want to have a baby, it'd be a hindrance in many ways, she couldn't think about her life with a baby in it and due to her belief that aborting is practically killing irrespective of whether the baby was fully formed or not, abortion was definitely not an option...

"You are not aborting my child" Jamal said with a voice of authority.

"And what makes you think that this is your child" she retorted already getting angry with him for thinking she would do such a thing.

"Well.. I know that I was the one that disvirgined you and besides I'm not dumb, the doctor said it was a month ago which is exactly the time we copulated... And with what your friend said about how much you work, I know that you didn't have time to meet other guys" he responded looking at her tummy.

Before she could say anything else, Belle suddenly came in screaming at the top of her voice.

"You are having a baby?????" she finally said after shouting, then she started doing her happy dance while chanting repeatedly,

'Avery is having a babyyyy, I'm going to be an auntyyy'...

Then she turned to look at Jamal only to see that his gaze was not in Avery's face but on her tummy...

It seemed weird to Avery cos she didn't think any guy would be attracted to her but then a thought stopped her line of thinking and at that point she knew it wasn't because of her, it was because of the baby she was carrying, a baby that's his....

After staying two days at hospital which was really unnecessary she finally was allowed to home... Due to Jamal request, more like demand she stayed in the hospital for an extra two days cos Jamal demanded that she was thoroughly tested and would not want his child to be infected, she had rolled her eyes when she had heard him say that.

The two extra days she stayed was also because some of the tests needed more than a day to be processed, Belle was by her side the entire time. She was still in the hospital particularly and most importantly because Jamal and Belle had connived and wanted her to "rest" cos as Belle quoted: "As soon as she gets home she'd pile up all the work and stress herself,thereby hurting the baby and herself".

After Jamal heard this he had insisted on her staying in the hospital a little longer to rest.

When she had asked about what would happen to her job, Jamal said that the boss gave her a leave for as long as she wanted and that she should take care of herself.

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