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The next day was a Monday and they both slept in, the day before was like a fairytale, Avery wanted to know how it felt to be loved, so she let go and although she loved every minute of it, she didn't want to get her heart broken.

She was going to stick to the plan which is not getting attached to Jamal, the babies loved being close to their father, she could feel it, and if she didn't want to lie to herself she felt the same thing. She decided to just go with the flow and see where it'd take. She was tired of letting her fears get to her.

If Jamal left her, at least she'd have known what it felt to be with someone who cared for her.

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Even when she was with Javon, he never treated her the way Jamal does.

Javon never beat Avery before but he had always made her feel like she couldn't do anything without him, that she couldn't live without him, he never even allowed her to work.

Every time she did something wrong or at least what he thought was wrong he'd remind her every single time that she couldn't do better, no matter how hard she tried, he made her so dependent on him that she didn't know it was toxic, at least not till she met Belle.

Whenever they went out he treated her like a queen, he'd always show her off, she liked that he did. It made her feel special. She remembered the day he gave her, her engagement ring. There wasn't a proposal, he told her to go get it in the car while he was taking his bath, she would have loved if he proposed but she didn't care. At least he showed her off every time, never forced her to have sex with him and best of all he did not beat her , that was her consolation prize.

It was really heartbreaking when he left but now she's happy that she and Javon didn't go on with the wedding, it was like a blessing in disguise.

She was sitting on the left side of her bed her laptop on her lap, thinking about her past relationship when Jamal slowly wrapped his hands around her belly, leaving light kisses as he rubbed her belly.

"What are you up to?" He asked breathing in her scent, holding her as tight as he could not wanting to hurt the babies.

"Working" was her short reply.

"But whyy?" He whined.

" Well I've taken one too many days off work and besides this is due on Monday" she replied her fingers speedily typing on the keyboard and her eyes not leaving the screen.

" Well it's a good thing that I'm the boss then" he boasted, trying to make her leave what she was doing.

" Well when you're home with me, you aren't my boss, now leave me and let me complete this" she finished with a quick a kiss to his lips.

"Oh my God, Ave you just made it worse" he squirmed, hugging her back to his lower area.

" Oh my... Give me a few more minutes I'm almost done" she jumped, typing as fast as she could.

"Anddddd... Done". He didn't take long before pushing off her laptop from her lap and quickly laying her down, earning a squeal her.

They spent another hour in the bed, loving every part of each other.