1 Mangoes and Promises


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Chapter 1: Mangoes and promises

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"Why do I have to go with you again?"  I asked my friend Belle for the thousandth time, as I sat with my laptop on my lap.

        " Avery Bella Jones, I am your best friend, and I have the right to say you are going with me to the club tonight, its going to be so amazing, I heard from Zoe, who heard from Sasha who heard from Shauna who heard from her friend who heard from her cousin that celebrities might be there tonight. You don't know you might see Drake or Harry Styles or Liam Payne or Bryson Tiller or Chris Brown or Tinashe or Beyonce or... " then I cut her talk

        " That's a lot of people and besides all of that,  how do you know if this isn't just a rumor, like do you even know the amount of people you mentioned just some seconds ago. And in case you do not know or forgot, I don't have any interest in all those people you just mentioned, so you can just leave me alone and let me work" I said not taking my eyes away from my laptop.

      Well I was just saying and besides  you have to level up your social life, like no offense but you have a zero social life" Belle answered as she scrunched her face up.

      "No that's a lie, I definitely have a social life like really don't you see me go to bars, and clubs? " I asked.

        "Like really Avery, don't get me started on that, you only do that when you want to go meet a client or something and besides the only thing you care about is actually your job,  so don't even try this much to cajole me" she replied putting her thumb and pointy finger together.

       "Well doesn't it count, my clients think I'm good company and they don't complain and besides I have you for that, can't you just run the social part for the two of us?" I asked.


       " No it doesn't! and besides your clients are probably work crazed people like you are and no don't add me into this. " she retorted

  "Whatever and well guess what, I'm not going and I don't care about what you think of my social life, as long as I think it's OK, so I think you should go screw yourself". I said then went back to my laptop to finish a project I was working on. 


        "Its official you DO NOT HAVE A LIFE" my best friend said, picking up her brush as she finally left me alone in the living room.

     "Avery where are my Mangoes?" Belle yelled angrily from the kitchen as she peeked her head out of the kitchen doors looking at me from afar..


         Oh oh...

Coming to the living room to where I was she asked again for her mangoes.

        "I'm sorry Belle I saw them in the fridge and I thought they were mine, and you know how much I love mangoes I'm so sorry" I pleaded with her as I kept typing on my laptop.

    "You didn't know? like really? you never do anything apart from work and your spare time you use it on your laptop which is also work, when you can just go out to get new mangoes, so don't start with me" she retorted.


     "I'm so sorry" I tried pleading her again.

    "The worst part is that I wanted to use it to make a new smoothie recipe and you know how I feel about my smoothies" she whined like a toddler who had just been told that he couldn't get a lollipop.

     "I am sorry, its just that I was tired and hungry and I had to get back to work" I told her

WORK! WORK!!  WORK!!! do you not know anything other than work? if you were hungry couldn't you go out to eat or better yet cook like a normal human being? "Belle spoke out, tired of how Ave was living, she wanted her friend to live her life. A life outside her work, she wanted more for her friend.

      "OK how about this, I will do anything you want, anything, and we forget about the mangoes. I promise" Avery said as she placed her hand across her chest, showing that she meant it, and going back to typing on her laptop.

     "A.n.y. thing? " Belle asked with a wide smirk on her face and at that moment, the moment Avery heard her tone, she knew she was in trouble...



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