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Avery finally agreed to go to the club with Belle even though Belle literally threatened and forced her to go with her.

Belle was dressed in a tight short black dress with sequins on the chest,he hair curled , a little makeup and a pair of red bottoms, while Avery was in a short, tight silver off shouldered gown, she didn't put any effort into making her hair, it was in her natural curls, she put on just lipgloss and a pair cute heels she had bought for a dinner at work.

   "Don't worry you'll be fine and I'll be with you at all times " Belle said trying to assure her. 

      "You better be" Avery said, still angry at the fact that she had not finished her work and had to keep her promise to Belle.

"Well, except when I need me some sugar,if you know what I mean" Belle laughed,

      They had both agreed that Avery being the responsible one out of the both of them, would be the one to drive them home after they were done and possibly with a drunk Belle.

      They came out of Belle's car which they decided to take tonight. There was a line at the entrance of the club and two buffy bouncers at the front of it, one was holding a tablet in his hand and the other was filtering the unwanted or uninvited guests from the line.

      Avery was terrified when it was their turn to be checked, she was so surprised when they were both allowed in the club.

       They both found a table at a far corner of the club because clearly Avery didn't want to be disturbed, even though the music blaring from the speakers was not making it any better at all for her.

      Belle stood up and told Avery that she was going to get them some drinks, Avery shouted trying to make her self heard over the speakers as she clearly told Belle she wanted just Coke.

        A couple of minutes later Belle came back with their drinks in hand and herself a little tipsy.

    "Did you really have to bring your laptop here. Let's let loose and go on the dance floor, we are at the club for crying out loud, you should be drinking and dancing and letting all your sorrows fly away not coming here to work" Belle shouted out giggling.

    "I'm okay, just go dance for two and enjoy yourself while I do this, and besides you're better at dancing than I am, trust me I'm good here". She assured Belle,she didn't want to be a Debbie Downer on her friend who came to have fun

    " Are you sure, would you be okay here by your self?" Belle asked slowly, clearly trying to go but staying back because of her promise to Avery.

   "I'll be fine I promise" Avery reassured her one more time and watched Belle waltz through the crowd as she went back to where she had been dancing on the dance floor. Guys and even girls kept looking at Belle as she danced, those who were brave enough asked her to dance with them, some girls looking jealously at her.

    Avery turned away from the dance floor and continued working on her laptop.

"Your drink ma'am" the waiter came putting a new round of what she was having on the table.

"I didn't order this" she said typing away.

"It's on the house" he replied leaving before any further questions were asked.

   "Who comes to the club and still works" She heard someone say over her shoulder.

    "Clearly someone who doesn't want to be here and wants to be left alone" she retorted, not looking at the person and continued to type furiously on her laptop.

   "Do you know how many people want to be here but don't get a chance to touch or pass through the gates?" He asked laughing.

"So?" She retorted not looking up.

"So... what's a beautiful lady like you doing, sitting here, a lady as beautiful as  you are should be on the dance floor dancing all her worries and " work "away"he said, putting emphasis on the work.

She looked up to see who she was talking to or rather who was talking to her. She was shocked when she saw an handsome nan who was in jeans that clung to his laps and a blue button up shirt, a  wristwatch clung to his hand and all in all he was smoking hot. 

"I'm Jamal" he introduced himself when he saw that she had finally lifted her head up. She just looked at him and then finished her drink in one gulp. It burned her throat as it went down.

"You shouldn't take your drink that fast". He said looking at her.

She just smiled. Seeing that she was now smiling he asked.

" Would you like to go get a drink or something? " He asked her

It was like it took hours for her to give him an answer but it was just a couple of minutes.

"OK, I guess" she replied as she logged off and packed her mini laptop into her bag. She stood up and followed him.

He took her to the bar and asked her what she wanted and ordered coke and rum for her like she wanted and a vodka for him.

He asked her about a lot of things and she replied and also started talking about different things, he made her laugh a lot, they changed their drinks to tequila and they didn't know when they reached their seventh shot.

They moved to the dance floor, with her laptop still in her hand, Avery grinded Jamal moving to the beat of the song playing on the speakers.

Then Jamal turned her around when it changed to a slow song, they were looking at straight into each other's eyes when it turned into a complete heated make out session there on the dance floor.

"Follow me" he said as he moved with her hands in his through the crowd of bodies dancing.

He took her to a private room in the club, she didn't even bother to ask him how he knew there was a room here or how he had access, when he  locked the door and resumed his position on her lips.

He moved his lips roughly on hers as he removed the silver short gown she had been wearing, it was like he couldn't get enough of her, he trailed kisses down her neck until he found her sweet spot, he carried her bridal style and gently dropped her on the bed.

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   He trailed kisses down her neck till he  got to the top of breast and was angry at the fact her bra was still on her, with an expert flick he removed her bra in seconds and moved down to her cunt, tearing off her panties and opening up her lower lips he kissed it at first then started sucking it, getting a loud moan from her.

   She was disappointed when he stopped sucking her cunt. But it wasn't for long when he connected his lips back to hers and unexpectedly dipping a finger into her, slowly taking it in and out as the walls of her cunt clenched around his finger, she moaned loudly. Then he added another while he took one of her nipples in his mouth placing it in between his teeth then sucking it.

He finally removes off his cloth then brings out his already hard dick then shoved it in her. She whimpered as he did it. He then started moving slowly making her adjust to him, before he moves faster again. The pain turning to pleasure for her, then she screams out as she releases, with him still pounding as her back bent over the bed, she cums again before he cums for the first time that night.

They had multiple orgasms that night before sleep finally took them.

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