17 extra chapter

Avery's Point of view (POV)

The moment I heard the baby's heartbeat reverberating through the room,I felt a sting in my heart. It felt so real, it was like I had been doubting my pregnancy till this moment.

When I turned my head I saw a tear fall off Jamal's face, wow, he must really want this baby, but I don't understand how someone can love a baby so much, it hasn't even popped out.

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"Looks like you'll be having twins" the technician noticed

" Babies?" Both Jamal and I exclaimed.

"As in you mean two babies" I asked again, finding it hard to believe. I mean a baby was bad enough but now two?


"Yes,you see this two peanut like dots, those are your babies" the technician added.

How will I be able to depart from the two of them, it was hard enough when I thought I was having just one kid, now two?

It feels different listening to their heartbeat, it felt like it had been confirmed. I tried so hard to not think about it,the fact that I'm pregnant.

Jamal's POV

'The heartbeat of my baby' was the first thing I thought of when I heard it. I couldn't believe that something so small could be so strong. I didn't know when a teardrop fell from my eyes.

I took a moment to look at the beautiful mother of my child, she was looking intensely at the monitor showing her baby, our baby even though she doesn't want to admit it I know she must feel something. I don't know how or what she is feeling. I can't seem to understand her no matter how much I try.

'Babies?' a lot of emotions were running through me when I heard this. " I'm going to be having not one but two babies"

I watched the doctor remind Avery on what and what not to eat, looking closely and gazing at her beautiful eyes. She wasn't smiling while the doctor was talking it felt like she really doesn't want to be here anymore.

" Jamal Jani King, why didn't you tell me that you made one of your flings pregnant"


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