1 The 'Dream' was left incomplete to become 'Reality'

It was elegant royal night and everyone in the castle was enjoying the party. There she was walking into the hall, dressed like a beautiful princess from the heaven, wearing royal blue ballroom gown, putting hazelnut brown hair into a messy but beautiful bun and pairing her dress with crystal glass shimmering stilettos.

Soon enough she became the center of attraction of the night. Someone approached her for dance from behind, he was a tall guy with an attractive figure and fruity voice but as she was about to look at his face, there was a loud scream.

"Lifen! You crazy girl. Can't you get up early in the morning and help me at work? Get up before I reach you. You will be our only delivery girl for the whole week and that too without any pay!!"

She woke up as if it's an emergency. It was like her sleeping has become a dangerous thing. She jumped off her bed running towards her mother rubbing her eyes to get a clear vision.

"Mother, you never let me see his face. How can you be so ruthless to your own daughter?" She complained while hugging her mother from behind.

"Again you got into your dream fantasy land. When are you going to grow up girl? You will soon be having your entrance exams, focus on that. And for now, go, wash up and give me a hand in my work. You know, today it is going to be a real tiresome day as the staff of my coffee-bar is on holiday." Lifen nodded her head and went inside the room to freshen-up.

Wu Lifen belongs to the Wu family who runs a small coffee-bar 'Impresso-Expresso' which is quite popular in the area as it is located near Yanzhi University. The coffee-bar is run by Father and Mother Wu and the income from it was satisfying their personal needs as well as the educational need of their daughter.

Lifen came to help her mother in the coffee-bar but was still thinking about the guy, who appeared in her dreams.

"Only if the scream was after 60 seconds, I would have been able to see his face" she was murmuring in her heart.

Suddenly two girls enter the place pussy-footing behind her. Then there was a sudden eruption of a loud voice near her ears to make her surprise. "Ah! You scared me to death" she rebuked.

"Darling, we just wanted to wake you up from your dream. Don't you get bored of your fairy tale dreams" Daiyu glared at her while Guang was busy checking the likes on her recent picture on her SNS.

Zhang Daiyu and Zhou Guang are the beloved best friends of Lifen from her school days. They had shared a lot of memories together and had seen all the best and the worst sides of each other. They have always been concerned about Lifen.

"Leave all these stuff guys. Tell me first, how can you both be so late on this hectic day?"

"Because of her." Both Daiyu and Guang broke pointing towards each other.

"Okay, now just come and help me soon or we won't get any time to chit-chat today." Lifen shouted.

"Who wants your chit-chat? Just tell me, was there anything new in your dreams?" Guang asked with an expression as if she knew her answer already.

"No dear, it was as usual with a little bit different in its themes and backgrounds. And again the dream was left incomplete." Lifen said with a lower voice.

"Who knows, maybe it was left incomplete to become the reality!!" Daiyu exclaimed.

They went to complete the work. And soon the sun was in the west, allowing the street lights to take its place.

Daiyu and Guang bid farewell to Lifen reminding her to be ready in time tomorrow as they have to attend a small reunion party from the high-school, which made the three faces full of excitement.

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