1 Prologue

"This is who I am, this is how and what I became. Who I am and where I stand is… where I fall". Something that went through this man's mind as he stood his last stand against his destiny. Things wouldn't have gone this way if he'd just listened to some advice spoken to him by The Guardians. They looked at this moment, shed some tears for the one they cared for fluctuating between life and death. They couldn't do anything but watch as he starts to leave this plane of existence forever, feeling only of guilt for nothing could be done as they aren't allowed to intervene in humanity's doom and foolishness.The man could see them, mourning, crying,feeling guilty, he said "Please don't feel any guilt, for I have dealt this upon myself. No one else could take the blame for what has happened but I, myself." He continued "Witness my foolishness and befallen of my own choice to not listen to the advice and teachings which have been given to me". He turned around and faced all that is hoarding towards him which were a mixed of foes and past friends. 'Oh' he thought, 'Things could've been different". The winds blew as if a child trying to whistle for the first time, he couldn't tell if the cause was him accepting what is to come or the world telling him all is well. The wind kept him from realizing his slaughter of thousands of people who went mad and pushed the "Screw it'' button. Exhausted as he became nethertheless he has to sought through this madness he brought upon himself, he leaped into battle with a rusting blade forged from dragons, as he yelled a kid woke up from what seemed to be a nightmare.