2 Chapter 1 - The Bar

Jabriel is someone who weren't considered to be a real part of the Kesslerian Royal Family. Of course he didn't know that he was one of them. But to be sure, he is the only son of Karina Canja Lopez, the former leader of the Kesslerian Eternal Order. But somehow, he got banished from the royal family when he was 13, 5 years after her mother's death. It is automatic that Jabriel would be the successor but he was too naïve back then and even at the age that he was at 13 before he was banished, he was too naïve to even lead since he doesn't talk much due to his introvert nature. But he came to Horion a year later where he found out some person that encapsulated his mind ever since he was 8.


His mother's talking to the Horion royalty which is the 14-year-old Addison Vendetta, the younger sister of the Horion Empire Emperor Zoom Vendetta. It was coincidentally also the day where Karina (19 years old) can't leave Jabriel behind as he was just a mommy's boy as he can get back then.

"Well, that's really good. I am very sure that our diplomatic ties wouldn't hold back in case of someone declaring war on either of us…" Karina said.

"Indeed. My brother mobilizes his military just in case that something happens which I am well aware of it." Addison replies.

As Jabriel's just naively staring at Addison and just imagine what an 8-year-old boy would go if he sees someone who is really eye-catching?... And no, that's not what happens like what you're thinking right now.

Jabriel develops a crush on Addison since then, but that meet up were only a week before Jabriel's mother's death in which a miscalculation of a nuclear warhead explosion test that were conducted have taken toll as the shockwave of the explosion have flung Karina and others to a staircase seats on where her mother suffered an internal hemorrhage inside her brain as well as her spinal cord broken due to the impact of the blast to his mother. That's the day Jabriel��s mother dies and he became introverted since.

End of Flashbacks

Jabriel, now 21… 7 years after he first arrived at the Horion Empire, Jabriel as his usual self being his nomadic self who is always staying and staying in a motel to stay in for the night but right now, he's more in a mood to go for a bar for some drink. He's on his usual long coat that kinda resembles of some apparel of wearing a black blanket around it with a button near the neck on locking his coat.

Jabriel thinks of himself as he enters the bar and he sees inside the bar full of people inside the place.

"I need to find a table… It seems that almost everything is full…" he said to himself as he eventually has found a chair, not really a table but it is in the isle where it is near the bartender as he's seen a person in a hoodie passed out in his or her chair.

"…" the person in the hooded figure that is passed out just let a passed out moan in which it is really clear that he or she passed out and in the verge of waking up…or something that Jabriel's confused to think right now. Jabriel just kind of sits on a seat near that person as he waves to the bartender and said

"Margarita please? and for the toppings and the flavor, just surprise me…" The bartender nods as the bartender made a Margarita with some olives and lemon on it, making its finest flavor in the town.

the person just stays still, and you noticed the 2 bottles of vodka just on the table, so he must be drunk, which is obviously the case in the bar and then Jabriel hears a slight moan from that person.

"Ugh…" the person beside him moaned. He thought of the 2 bottles of vodka that the person drinks so he knew that that is the obvious result for it as he takes a sip of his Margarita.

"Hmmmm, this person really is drunk at all, maybe because of that nuclear armageddon happened a few weeks back" he said in his mind with a peculiar face that he made while looking at that person because what happened a few weeks ago is that, everything went wild as nuclear missiles have gone launching from all around the world in which it is really bad.

Flashbacks to the Nuclear Armageddon

"Everyone! Get to your bunkers!"

Jabriel said to others as his red right eye is lit up to foresee what would happen when he was at Manila. Everyone's being just panicking at going to their nuclear shelters as Jabriel tries to save others and creating some techniques to teleport some missiles, but he did not make the hand-sign techniques in time and the Capitol at Manila exploded with the mushroom cloud visible as Jabriel goes his steps back and flies to the safe zone, realizing the sight of terror and horror that he has seen and the worried face that he made since he was worried about the very reason he was at Horion.

End of Flashback

Suddenly after Jabriel remembered what happened, the person beside him sloppily awakened but Jabriel can't still make out the face.

"Mh…" the person sounded feminine. He thought "So he's not a boy?... Weird." As the hoodie covers the person's face by half, you could only see his mouth. Jabriel just notices a familiar tone which made him familiarize with the tone when he was little, could that be her?

Apparently, when Jabriel has seen the jawline and the mouth, it kind of matches the feminine tone that he heard from that person and all of the things that Jabriel could've said, the only thought he can say right now is… "You're really pissed drunk out here, huh…"

"Who's there..."

"Is it her?" Jabriel thought as the person lifted the hoodie up, and only the right eye can be seen. It's a familiar red eyes. Jabriel was shocked at what his red right eye can see.

Flashbacks again with him being a little when her mother, Karina is talking with someone, her mother was talking to Addison while he was holding her mother's hand while she was at work.

And then flashbacks again when she had seen her mother's death of her being plunged by explosion and she was decapitated with horror that the 8-year-old Jabriel has seen at that time. He then replied…

"S-so... it's you...who could've taught that you're here, drinking into drunkenness? " Jabriel asked.

"What are you… she hiccups talking about? I'm not… she hiccups again drunk…" the hooded person said as she hiccups again.

And then some thug just made Jabriel's from the person, to the thug

"Hey, you're on my seat, you dumdum" the thug rudely said to Jabriel

"I was here first, so you have any other seat beside me..." my response

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Jabriel's attention goes back to the person beside him "You're hiccupping, so you're also drunk."

"I said I'm not dru- hiccup! drunk..." the person said as her head moves sloppily.

The thug got angry "You're really that dumb huh..." The thug tries to land a punch on Jabriel but the thug missed by Jabriel dodging the punch resulting of the thug's punch striking the concrete bar table's edge, making the thug's fingers bleeding.

"Learn your lesson..." Jabriel responds as the thug was escorted out of the bar by the bouncers of the bar.

She suddenly jumped when the thug tried to punch Jabriel, and was surprised when he dodged.

"W-Wha…" her reaction as she also hiccups yet again.

Jabriel's attention goes back to that person next to him "You are pissed drunk, you should get going to your home now, Ms. Vendetta." Jabriel responded in his low tone of voice and him knowing that it was Addison.

Addison immediately placed her hoodie over her again, scared that somebody knew that the Empress was here. "How do you know it was m- hiccup! me!?"

Jabriel smirks "Was a coincidental guess but… during your meeting with my mother, I was that little boy that Empress Karina's with which is my mother." He said in an explanatory manner as he adds "Your voice is familiar to mine."

"..!?" Jabriel can see that she's confused and Addison said "Don't tell anyone I was hiccup! here!" she exclaimed. She tries to evacuate right away, but she is too drunk that she might fall over. She stood up, and starts to walk weirdly. As Jabriel nods in agreement.

"Yes... I won't tell everyone, but... noticing Addison's weird walking you cannot get even a hundred meters on that style of walking I'll get yourself home, just say where it is exactly." Jabriel's requesting her permission.

"Ugh… I don't need your help..." She said as she adds. "I need to be left alone…" and then she suddenly falls over to the floor and everyone in the bar noticed on what happened as Jabriel turns off all of the lights at the bar and catches Addison and quickly goes outside the bar without everyone noticing that they have departed when the lights have turned back on.