1 Chapter 0 - Prologue

"Y-You're lying." Addison looks embarrassed and she tries not to admit it but her thoughts were completely panicking as she just said that one word. "Shit." Because she may well have thought that it would really be the case which it can make her crazy.

"I stutter when I lie..." he admits and then adds.

"Some mannerism that caught from my mom... So yeah... I am not lying at all... But it's all up to you if you believe it or not..." he says to her in an admitting manner.

"E-Ehh..." she says, sounding disappointed to herself "A-Anyway... You left the Bottle here?" she asks

"Yeah... I did leave a bottle..." he says as Addison replies.

"What does the letter say?" she asks and is curious to know.

"Have you read it yet?" Jabe grins a little in which she replied "Not exactly..." as he replied

"You know...everyone else couldn't see that letter...except from you." he explains to Addison

"Huh?" Addison's confused as he replies " You know that there's a letter near the Vodka... Even Princess Gretel did not acknowledge that there is a letter on that bottle of Vodka..."

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She was curious, so she got up to the storage and obtained the Vodka to see the letter. She grabs the letter and is still confused by the language and asks "What does it say?"

Jabriel just read it through again the letter and said it in a bit of a nervous tone.

"Watashi wa anata o aishite, Addison... I... he blushed I love you, Addison..."

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